Advice to a (relatively) noob returning player to mine in .5 sec?

Any proper advice/tips would be welcome. Currently on a Mackinaw, working towards getting an Ocra soon.

Orca is 25.5 mÂł/s
Mack is 34.2 from lasers +5.5 from drones . Even better with implants and boosts.

So use an orca only when you already have one mack.
If you still want an orca, you need DC in the low and 500MN in the mids, then tank

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If you must mine, and if it must be in high sec, and if it must be in 0.5 space, and it must be in an exhumer, my advice is to do proper Higgs rig mining. Prescouted ore bookmarks, station bookmarks, Higgs rig, attentive d-scanning at all times (with proper filter), paying attention to local at all times, and staying aligned during the mining session.

Reason being is you’re ticking all the boxes to be a gank target.

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for “prescouted ore bookmarks” I place one 250km above site and one 250km below site so I can get 30km of travel while aligned instead of 15km (e.g. warp from top at 15 and align down)

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Ah, I was under the impression that .5 space would yield more valuable ore but yet not as high risk as the lowersecs. Reason being that I don’t have that much time to spend in the game, so gotta look for optimal ways to earn ISK…

I actually bring 3 combat drones and leave them circling my ship now to ward off any pirates ahaha. Of course, that means I can’t mine as fast, but at least pirates can’t take me out. Only issue would be players, as you said, being ganked.

Ah I was looking more towards the automated drone farm than having to retarget the lasers :rofl:

And that the Orca could hold a lot more in 1 trip than a mack

… wth how did this post end here? // edited wrong topic. :confused:

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I’ll read up and eventually try this out then. Thanks!

Gas huffing in low is a good middle ground to learn the scan mechanics if you’re new to those

My advice: get a hulk and fit ore strip miners in the highs and aoedes in the lows.

That way you can mine in ultra fast mode while jet canning your ore. Do it in a moon.

The faster you are, the better you are going to pay for your omega ASAP.

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Taking a step back and looking at the big picture: Mining is the exact opposite activity of your constraints. It requires a lot of time, you’re not even making ISK but Ore/ice (you’re relying on the fickle player driven market), and it’s not an activity that is optimal to do in a single ship unfleeted with no alts/friends.

EVE has lot of new things you might have missed, like Triglavians, EDENCOM, Homefronts, new Factional Warfare, etc. CCP delivered a lot of stuff

Before making big decisions, I would catch up first… and by the way, what is this boner for Orcas? It is a disgusting ship

Those two are in opposition. The speed at which you change target depends on your mining speed : so if you change target less often with the orca, it’s because it has a lower yield, so your way to earn ISK is sub-optimal.

Let’s assume each rock has 300 ore and you target your laser/drone on different roids.
If you have a laser with yield 30 you need to change target every 10s.
If you have two lasers of yield 15 each, you change the first every 20s and the second every 20s, so one every 10s on average. Your total yield is the same, your actions the same.
If you have 5 drones of effective yield 6 each, each one is changed every 50s , so on average you change target once every 10s. Same yield, same actions.
If you have 5 drones of effective yield 3 each, each one is changed every 100s , so on average you change target once every 20s. Half the yield, half the actions.

The benefits of the orca are that it boosts other people, and it has bigger ore hold. However it also has higher align time and lower warp speed, so with the delay of mining of the drones, you actually will lose yield with an orca.
You will gain a very little ore per manual action, because bigger ore hold, but you will lose much more ore per hour

Also, in case you misunderstood it : you still have to manually target the roids and assign the drones.

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there are some super-valuable mining sites (cosmic anomalies) in 0.5 systems that border low sec. i can’t remember the exact isk/hr, maybe 50m+, but they can be done in a cheap venture or expedition frigate. theyre fun to chase down. i believe theyre called “Empire Border Rare Asteroid” site or something similar.

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Thanks! Will look into this as well. Now i’m gonna try my hand at some ice harvesting… first time ever

Just drones and a big big ore hold so i don’t need to go to and fro

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