0.5.or 0.0 for orca?

If u had an orca with good boosting skills and a few alts would u rather mine moon at a 0.5 sec or go for 0.0 space? And are you able to plex all your account with moon mining?
An experienced and detailed reply would be appreciated.

We in Pandemic Horde have an excellent guide for Orca use in nullsec.
That’s the guide.

I would totally mine in nullsec with your barges and a Porpoise though.


A few years ago I had a small ice mining operation in Everyshore. In those days the Orca lived behind a POS forcefield and we mined in Skiffs. 3 max skill Skiffs with maximum boost (~ 30 second cycle) could harvest roughly 50 million ISK worth of ice per hour. At the time, it cost 750-800 million to PLEX an account so 60-64 hours of mining/month to PLEX 4 accounts. In my case, my characters were trained for research, manufacturing and PI so mining was only part of their income.

Today, the price of ice and ore hasn’t changed much but the price of PLEXing an account has nearly tripled. You’ll need multiple income streams from each account to make it work. In my case, the other streams were sufficiently profitable that I stopped mining - it simply wasn’t a good use of my time. If you have a fleet of Rorquals in nullsec with a defense fleet on standby it may make sense - otherwise, mine because you enjoy it - don’t turn it into a job.

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If you are very vigilant about Intel its doable. Put a cloak in your orca and don’t stay too close to the asteroids. Red in local, cloak. Dock barges.( Use procs not covs) system clear warp barges, uncloak orca.

Nope, soloing in an Orca in balls (0.0), is an invitation to lose it, on the other hand 0.5 mining is still profitable enough, but as Do Little says you need to do more then just mine, plex is ridiculous expensive, just sub and enjoy yourself unless you don’t have a job, don’t make eve a second full time job.


Orca mining in High Sec only. For Low Sec/Wormholes use a Porpoise. For Null Sec use a Porpoise or Rorq.

Moon Mining is ok isk per hour at about 25M isk per hour inside a boosted mining fleet. While Null Sec can turn 100M+ per hour mining.

Grinding for Plex at these prices just turns the game into a job.
If your grinding it in high sec your looking at like 20 hours or (much) more of work to Plex.

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My preferred mining boost ship is actually a Bifrost. OK, so there’s no hull bonus for the links, but I can have my miners 100km away and warping for safety when I see sabres on D-Scan.
(I use this for gas huffing in J-Space, which is the only form of mining I do since Rorquals are a complete waste of time in J-Space since the latest nerfs)

since CCP will soon shut down local in NS that may look like a good idea …

yes sure… because of course colossal/large belts won’t be the first place where reds will search for juicy targets… no?

they use dscan for this.

Also remember that moons also can have belts now. And better than colossals or larges.

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