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I am new to mining, well eve in general. I am looking at building a low skill mining fleet of 3. I plan to build them on my skill farming accounts so don’t want to invest too much training on them. Basically just want to make use of “idle” accounts.
I am probably only going to train them to procurers with t1 strip miners, for now anyway.
I would like to know if it is better to run 3 accounts in procurers or 2 proc’s and a porpoise. The porpoise account will obviously require some additional training/injecting so I can make use of the boosts.
This will be for a null fleet.


I recommend looking at the economics of PI instead. You can train level 4 PI skills in 2-3 weeks and can reasonably expect to earn 75 million/week with 5 nullsec colonies. Most null corps will have a buyback program for P2 and higher. PI will also require a lot less of your time to manage - perhaps an hour per week per character on average to update programs and harvest. Since this is a passive activity, you can also train the 2nd and 3rd character on each account.

There is no reason why you can’t mine as well - I would join your alliance ice mining fleets, let them provide the boosts, defense and buyback program.

This. You can upgrade that setup to Orca + 2 Skiffs later.

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A Porpoise with good boosting skills will get you about a 38% buff. So, I reckon the tipping point in favor of the Porpoise is three miners. Two miners and a Porpoise has less yield than three miners alone.

Not figured in there is an additional command or foreman boost that can help with tank, range or crystal preservation. The Porpoise fleet hangar and ore hold are also really useful and, of course, it’s just a nice ship.

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Agree with above…imo…two miners and orca was…so better than three miners…but tbh was prob more convenient…assume porpoise is similar…and ya three miners and booster really shines

Agree totally with pi comment…pain to set up…but can be set for 3day or 7 day cycles as ur time allows and rake in isk! Get each toon doing 5 planets…make enriched uranium and coolant and oxygen as always in demand for fuel blocks

Thanks for the tips.

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