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hi guys , this is my high sec mining alt. it flys a procurer mines pyrox and veldspar with t2 crystals. it is in scope npc corp to avoid war decs and i would like to keep it that way . I am looking to get orca or porpoise bonus in fleet , in return i am prepared to sell all the ore i mine to the boost giver at a percentage lower than jita price equating to half boost given so that we can both profit from the relationship.

please feel free to contact me in game

Why a procurer? Time saved from less docking and higher yield in a Ret is axiomatically the superior solo choice (T1 at least)… Also it only takes a handful of full loads to pay for itself.

Also, if you were gonna have a boosting orca why wouldn’t you use a covetor and use the orca booster’s ore hold? greater profit for both.

…sigh. The underachievers in Eve…

Procurer will out tank and out mine the Retriever. You have to factor in the 50m³ drone day. Enabling you to carry both a flight of lights and mining drones. Which makes up the difference against the 3rd MLU the retriever can fit. A decently skilled up drone flight can add around half a strip in yield vs the 9% of a MLU II. Plus with four mids, you have the option to tank (med shield ext + 2invul II) and a survey scanner. And you seriously out tank the retriever with its single mid. The better speed of the procurer gives it an edge moving about the belt. And no, you would not use miners on a retriever - then you cannot handle NPCs. * recommend 4 lights + 1 salv drone.

Procure the Ore
Procure the Day
Procure the Victory



And when you go AFK (or just answer someone on phone, or read a interesting mail, or watch an interesting kitten vid), your ore hold becomes full and you are losing your time.

sigh ive survived 2 ganks this week alone in my proc , if you factor in the time it takes and cost of replacing covetors …

i thank you for the advice anyway and if the ganking meta changes at all i may well concider a covetor or retreiver but until that happens i will stick with my proc. skiff next

Out tank, yes.
Out mine, no. That is either a blatant lie on your part or complete ignorance on the subject, I’ll let you decide which.

5% bonus to ship shield hitpoints
2% reduction in Strip Miner and Ice Harvester duration
Role Bonus:
50% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints

5% bonus to ship ore hold capacity
2% reduction in Strip Miner and Ice Harvester duration

The only yield difference between the retriever and the procurer is the third low slot for a Mining Laser Update. They have the same number of Strips and same bonuses to the strips.

Mining Drones are superior. They can be assigned to small asteroids which would require micro-management if using a Strip. They can go outside of range of strips and once assigned, target lock does not need to be kept. There is even the option of using mining drone rigs to raise their yield - (Drone, Drone, OverClock)

If you are talking about needing to dock more often? A small price to pay for the safety of tank and utility of the drones. And the OP does raise having a Porp/Orca; which means that difference disappears.

Please back up some facts and/or experience.

ive found the discussuion interesting but a bit off topic , what i would say is ,if the requirement for sharing an orca bonus is using a retriever or covetor im happy to buy one for that purpose i can see under those circumstances and not having to dock between loads may give huge advantage to another hull type , i use proc because i mine alone in .5 where a lot of ganking takes place.

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Check out the system “Amygnon.” Eve uni has a little mining camp there and they usually have an open fleet going with foreman boosts, etc

thank you i will

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