Next mining ship

I am currently saving up to 20 mil isk for a new mining ship, I’m only at 7 mil right now but its going well. From what I’ve seen most of the next mining frigates/ barges are around 20 mil and I was wondering which ship was the best between the t2 mining frigates and mining barges.
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Kai Un

Ahh, it will depend on where you’re mining (and what) but I’d suggest the Procurer and/or Prospect are solid options.


Short answer: Barge.
Long answer: As always, it depends. If you’re trying to mine in hostile space, or mine gas at all, go for an expedition frigate. If you just want to suck on a rock in relatively peaceful space, barge.

The latter. I mostly mine ore in high sec.

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it.

as said by the others: it depends
Cypr3ss provided good answers to you (as usually ;))
Keep in mind that you would earn much more from ninja mining gas in whs. But of course you would take the risk of losing your ship. Risk vs reward…
(PS: ninja mining gas in whs with venture works also well… and venture cost is very low…
see this:

Gas -> venture or prospect

Retriever for belts if you are going to pay attention to NPCs or gankers
Else, maybe a Procurer

I don’t think that Retriever will survive trigs recon unless you really paying attention all the time and pre-align.

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Retrievers are illegal in highsec, so not recommended.


The Retriever is optimized for ore hold size, which encourages players to minimize their interaction with the Eve client. This is the opposite of “playing” Eve, so it is highly discouraged.

Ignore that poor attempt of starting another fight by RP players.


Ah I see

Xeux is a member of CODE. - a well known group of highsec gankers. If you are solo mining in a well populated area I will recommend the Procurer. It’s advantage compared to the Retriever is speed, agility, tank and defense (drone bonus). The disadvantage is a smaller ore hold so you’ll need to dock and unload more often. Fit for tank, not yield - i.e. put a damage control in one of your low slots and remember to turn on your active tanking modules (i.e. invulnerability field) - it does you no good otherwise!


Never fit a proc for tank, yield first, then tank. Its a beast so as it is

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If you aren’t going to tank fit it you might as well use a retriever or covetor and take advantage of the extra ore.

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If you don’t fit for tank, then don’t whine when you get popped by a random Trig patrol…

if youre not AFK trigs wont bother you

I didnt say dont fit a tank. I said fit the tank after max yield.

It’s a risk/reward balance and we all have our individual tolerance for risk. As someone who spent 6 months ice mining in north Everyshore - where CODE. is (or at least was) very active, I watched a lot of people who fit for yield explode and stand by my recommendation!

Ice is very different than ore. Ice has fixed location, more or lest fixed time frame and very limited amount plus huge competition.

Idea of fiting to yield (max mining upgrades in low slots) is to maximize income in given time frame. Because if someone will want you dead, you will be dead. It’s better to gather as much isk as possible in time between loses than lose income over time for zero increase in safety.

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