Best mining settup?

I have around a budget of 1billion isk. I’m wondering what the best mining setup is for somewhere around that price range.

Somewhere around a thousand Ventures.


I don’t understand? do you mean that I can have a thousand ventures all working at the same time? how? (sorry I’m kind of a noob. a friend of mine just gave me a bunch of stuff and said good luck)

No, he’s suggesting you use the cheapest mining ship in the game and keep a thousand backups. The best mining setup depends primarily on what you’re mining, although if you’re going for solo mining I recommend trying to find an antigank fit or if you’re doing fleet stuff I recommend maximizing yield over anything else. That’s just highsec mining though, which is not very profitable. If you want to do lowsec or gas harvesting, I recommend the Prospect, as it can cloak and has a higher cargo capacity than the venture.

How does mining in a low sec area increase the amount of profit?

There are different ore types, high security ores are prevalent in the other ores and thereby not worth much, except for maybe titanium which is easy to get. Low-sec ores are much higher (but higher risk of dying from ganks) and null/wormhole ores are very valuable. What I do is run two accounts with a Porpoise and a Covetor in a wormhole to mine sites.

If you want to make good ISK:
I would recommend starting with a venture and learning how to navigate low-sec safely (d-scan, how to create safe spots, avoiding smart bombs, etc…) Then move on to an Endurance or Prospect if you want to stick with fast moving ships.

If you want to AFK mine/ gain materials for industry while not worrying about ganks:
I would recommend getting a mining barge, and joining a corp that has active mining boosts that occur, solo mining in highsec is profitable but not very smart in terms of time. I would also recommend trying to find moon ore that you can mine in high sec with a corporation because moon ore is valuable and is easy to mine with a corp that boosts and has refineries.

I personally love mining and think its a great way to go, there is a lot you can do with it and it’s satisfying.

What do you mean with setup?
Are you playing one account or multiple? Where and what are you mining? How far are your skills?

1 bill gets you anything from a Mackinaw with Ore Strip Miners to a small fleet of a boosting Porpoise and 2 t2 fit Hulks.

Ok, then serious advice: Don’t do mining at all. It’s the most boring activity in EVE Online and doing it will only make you hate the game after a few weeks.

Read some guides, watch some videos for beginners and then join a corp that has veterans who can teach you those activities you find most interesting. I promise: It won’t be mining.

You can take a quick look here:

If something sounds interesting for you, don’t hesitate to make a topic asking for advice specifically for that activity.

Now at your “mining setup” question:
This one cannot be answered unless we know

  • how much accounts you have (Omega)
  • which skills the chars have that you want to use
  • what access to you have to high-tier resources (rare Moon Ores, can you scan yourself a WH chain?, do you have ‘friends’ in Lowsec)?
  • do you want to play entirely alone or in a fleet with different specialized roles (booster, hauler, scanner etc…)

I agree with this. I did mining for too long, now I am horrible at just about everything, so you should probably start out doing PvE or something relatively simple that isn’t mining. Mining teaches you how to stare at a screen, but everything else teaches you something actually useful. So please, do yourself a favor, do not do mining.

You can make a very good living mining in HS, it’s just that some players hate HS and mining/miners.

Yes, with three omega alts all in exhumers with another in an orca

I have one omega account. I have deep core skills. I dont really have friends in lowsec but I can scan wormholes. and I mostly play alone

Just me and my Skiff, but I am training an alt to mine so I can make use of my Porpoise.

Then go learn how to scan and find yourself high-tier WH gas sites. You can ninjamine the Gas in a Prospect (kite the Sleeper Battleships) and make a fortune for little investment. C320 and C540 gas is quite valuable and your ship is fast and can covert-cloak. You can also mine Gneiss in WHs, which returns you much more ISK in a Prospect than mining HighSec Ores in a Barge. Some Gas Sites in Lowsec where you can mine the Drug-Gas are also very lucrative, but people will see you in local, so be prepared for hunters.

HOWEVER: Success and Fun in EVE Online comes from cooperation with other players. If you don’t like other players, you can of course “cooperate” with your own Alts, but if you have only 1 Omega, thats not an Option. Playing “solo” on one Omega is basically the worst choice you can make.

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I don’t know that I completely agree with this post. It really depends on what your play style is and what your RL is like. I enjoy mining as it gives me a chance to decompress. It can be very relaxing or maybe very Zen. I don’t know what to call it. I do agree that it can get boring, but when you need an hour to just chill I think it’s worth it, IMO.


I know what you mean, I do mining myself every so often, mostly when I just want to have some chat with the corpies or watching my favourite streamer on the other screen while still being involved in the corpchats. It allows you to socialize without putting much effort into “playing” itself and thats absolutely okay. Well, of course people shouldn’t complain that you don’t make that much money with it or that other people try to take advantage of this “low attention playstyle”, but thats another topic.

However, I would never do or recommend this as main activity or even the one someone is trying to make his ISK with to affort other things, especially for a new player. It’s fine for a vet to have some chill time, yes. But very little beyond that.

Re best winning setup @Zaera_Keena re where is frosty!

The best setup is hundreds of miners mining many systems.

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they are probabaly reprocessing the Mining Dones II :wink:

So for mining fits try to maximise your yields fill your holds quicker and you have to spend less time waiting in an asteroid belt.

For location skip hisec as the ores are wothless, unless your a newbie looking to make your starter cash, instead go losec. Find a: backwater, empty system which you can set up in (DONT FORGET TO SET SAFE SPOTS).

I recommend first going in a venture to get a feel for losec and when ur more comfortable learn to wmd cloak to skip on gatecamps (most of the time) and bring out a mining barge. Use a mobile depot to swich between wmd+cloak and mining equipment.

To go even further, If you have the irl money to omega 2 accounts and the experience to do it: Bring a compression alt.