Risk Vs. Reward: Your Ship Mining Combination

Security or Efficiency?
When mining in null or low sec, I’ve seen and heard about several different approaches for mining. Most fitting’s I’ve seen focus on defense: the ability to stave off rats, warp core stabilizers to get away, ECM counters, etc. and people flying tanked out procurers.

When I’ve seen those who risk a thin skinned covetor with nothing but mining upgrades and lazers to try and haul in as much ore as possible into a can.

Whats your tactic when mining in null or low sec? Do you focus on security or the amount of yield you can get?

Bling Vs. T1
Mining in null sec can bring in a lot of ISK per m3 for miners. Therefore, getting enough ISK for high value modules and ships might not be an issue. But is it worth it for you? Would you rather mine in T1 fits or get out there with more bling due to being able to mine back the ISK for replacement?

War and Peace
Obviously war happens. How do things change for you when mining during war? What would you suggest?

Lots of variables here but from my perspective:

Hisec: Go for maximum yield fit. If mining solo use a retriever, if in a group use a higher yield/smaller hold ship. Always mine actively and leave if trouble comes in.

losec: Depends on where you are mining and how tough the rats are, but I’d go with the above tweaked for defense as required by the rats.

Null: Join a big group that has nice safe space and use a max yield ship. Watch local and dock if there’s danger.

WH: In your home use max yield, in other holes use the ship that is cheapest that you are happy to lose. Venture for cheap mining/huffing, prospect for better huffing, Endurance for better mining, barge/exhumers in your home. Some go with WCS but I tend not to since in WH if you don’t warp before they lock you, you are most likely already dead.

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Join Goons, go to Delve, buy Rorqual, make some sick scrilla.

More seriously, if you’re not in high sec you need help. Mining somewhere while not being part a the group that controls the area is suicide.

Then you need to weight the amount of intelligence and protection that group can provide and adjust your mining strategy accordingly.

If you’re in a small corp in w-space or low sec then you’ll most likely need small solid stuff that can tank a bit and dock quickly. If you’re in a big coalition in null sec with a standing fleet then you can use bigger or weaker ships.

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Some losec systems are fine if they are quiet and have a hisec next door, i.e. watch local, jump out if anyone shows up. However the risk may not justify the reward above finding anomalies in hisec and just mining them instead (or standard ice).

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I’m actually interested in this topic. I have several Exhumer V pilots who are probably 3-4 months away from a Rorq. I would prefer to mine in hulks instead of spamming endless havens once in a while.

Max yield seems dangerous though if rats jump in. If I have 6 accounts to mine, I’d think 4 Hulk 1 Orca and 1 Hauler would be optimal to minimize downtime but I’d like to be able to fend off rats.

To deal with rats my strategy is to have all my miners equipped with combat drones (light or medium) and assign them to assist the booster or a “lead” miner. Then when rats appear I have that pilot activate a target painter or some other targeted offensive module so all the drones will attack it.

How well the hulks hold up to the rats might depend on where you are in nullsec and you fit. I’ve mined mostly in shallow nullsec where the trusec is in the neighborhood of -0.0 or -0.1, have some T2 shield amplifiers and small extenders fitted, and I haven’t had too much problem with the rats breaking my hulks’ shields before I can kill the rats.

I think I’d be running mining Anoms. Otherwise it’s low Sansha space. Something better than Hulk? Also you’d just skip mining drones then?

I’ve always skipped mining drones in favor of combat drones, it’s just my personal preference because it lets me kill any rats that show up without interrupting my mining. I have no idea if it’s more efficient or not, it’s just what works for me.

As for ship choice, I go with whatever fits the local environment and my risk tolerance. If there are some hostiles roaming about, I’ll use the cheaper T1 barges because losing those isn’t a very big hit. However, if things are quiet I’ll go for maximum yield and use hulks. I also have the miners and booster ship fitted with the higgs anchor rig so I can stay aligned to a citadel or station for an easy escape while mining.

Lowsec mining is always for yield unless you’re doing it for luls or bait. If you want to use covetors, have someone clear the rats for you.
Solo is procurer or Skiff. These can tank almost any rat spawn and kill it, can let you survive against a solo attacker long enough to get help if help is ready.
Fleet, the booster ships should have remote shield boosters fitted. If your boosting ship doesn’t you need to change that. Your hulks will tank the rats just fine with proper fit along with a logi booster.

If you’re not earning more isk than an AFK VNI or Ishtar then why mine.

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