So, is it worth the risk to ninja mine in low sec nowadays?

Serious question. I just read all the redistribution changes to ore locations and mineral yield.

Go and find out. Low sec has unique ore now, which means unique rewards for mining there. Prices on the market for minerals have gone up a lot, so the rewards are there. You just have to pick them up.

It’s worth it, because it’s dangerous.
When it’s dangerous, it’s more fun.


Yes. I will.

Higgs rig to stay aligned at 20/ms with 2 stabs and two safes opposite each other across the belt.

ECM drones…

Medium Anc Shield Booster


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Wow, and simple people just use local and d-scan…

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Local wont help you if you’re not pre aligned in a barge.

Also doesn’t help against talented hunters that do login attacks.

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There is a fun factor, the Endurance is a great ship for this. I’ve used it in low/null & jspace. However. is it worth it isk wise? Nope, not unless you find some nice moongoo to raid, IMO.

The best approach I believe is a higgs fit procurer with 2 stabs.

No tank, since no amount of tank can save it. Stay aligned and drill the rock with t1 crystals (t2 not worth the risk).

That’s exactly how you do it right.
Slowly move along a line towards your bookmark.

Make sure you have several in each direction, going far enough.
If you encounter someone a second time he might have combat probes ready.

At that point it’s just a matter of time until the hunters know all the spots you could go …
… so switching between bookmarks and creating new ones is a must.

Overly cautious? Maybe so, but being overly cautious increases the odds for survival dramatically.


The best use of my time (from null sec mining) when my spot “gets hot” is to start hauling and compressing the ore from the local storage location to the main hub.

Since I’m in PanFam, this is when I start hauling my more from wherever I am in Kavela to R10. That ensures I never have any down time.

As we speak there’s a sabre pilot that keeps logging in and out on my Merc roids. Meanwhile…I’m in my hauler jumping the anis to R10 lol. So he’s actually wasting his time.

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My level of caution scales with the barge.

If I’m looking for max profit (out in null), I use the 2 hulk + cloaky orca with zero tank, max yield, higgs aligned, with my eyes glued to the screen (this is in excess of 600mil an hour merc mining).

If I’m browsing the internets, I use three t1 crapfit retreivers (about 100 mil an hour).

I can’t give you a Like.
The forum says I need to wait 13 hours to give my next one.

… okay then.

You’re doing it how I’ve been doing it, and I always preach how to do it.

Good man. :slight_smile:

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