Is high sec mining nearly dead

I can see by the mining changes isogen and nocxium prices are far too high the need to goto low sec and null sec is too much of a risk so if i want to make ie say a ship i mine 3 things and have to buy the other 4 or 5 things needed seems a waste of my time .

I have friends that only are mining ICE now in high sec because its alot better in genral sure you get gankers that is part of the game but seems like the only option that makes more sense compress and sell or refine perfectly then sell + no station charge.

Yes I agree !!

Bring back isogen and nocxium to high sec !!

So go to lowsec and mine what you need?

If nox and iso prices are spiking, that’s called “opportunity”.

Use Prospects instead of Barges. Use a command destroyer for links instead of an Orca. Mash your d-scan. Pay attention and you’ll be 100km away moonwalking out when the hostiles land. I’ve been huffing gas in wormholes for years using this comp.


not worth the risk to be honest with you low sec is worst than null sec in genral


So mining and manufacturing should not be profitbale in high sec game in total ?

i think what they should have done was to leave those two ores as they were and taken megacyte from null sec and given it to low sec
This would mean 0.0 people would fight low sec people that sounds fairer and it would be combat ships vs combat ships mostly not Player vs miner as much.

You can find isogen and nocxium (and megacyte and zydrine) in 0.5 systems if you chase ore anomalies.

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HS mining is not dead at all. You can see fleet after fleet of miners eating moon goo. Non-stop. 24/7

just a porpoise for links. dont even mash d-scan, just check local. Lowsec is devoided from live except for certain areas. Mine in lowsec-loneliness until the end of the times.

for normal T1 ship building ie like to make a raven is what i was meaning.

Ok even tho iam not new just say new people come to this game and train abit into mining unsure about taking high risks like low sec say they wish to make something simple say a Caracal ship they can go do mining easy for 3 items but have to buy the other 4 things to make the ship and with the cost of isogen its not really worth it .

again: what you have here is an “opportunity”. risk = reward. if you’re not prepared to take some risk, don’t complain about getting no reward


Then its not for me then i do not think the risk not worth it i know i should just not bother with the indy side as 0.0 play is ok for me at the moment but this is not a great thing for new players paint it how you wish to .

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risk it for zydrine and megacyte or buy those two was good enough in the end why not make normal mining in high sec even more worthless take it all away then low sec will be even happer.

first up, i absolutely would not encourage new players to start mining as an income stream.

secondly, i would absolutely encourage new players to get the [redacted] out of hisec asap.

and finally, i feel hisec is already too lucrative for the near complete lack of risks taken. if I had my way, hisec mining rocks would deplete in a single strip miner cycle.


you sound like a low sec pirate slight_smile:

if you’d bothered to read my responses, you’d know I’m a wormholer btw.

we don’t get nox in J-Space, why should you get it in hisec?

we had noc for many years in high sec your point is ?

if you like wormholes and D scanning like a freak that is your choice:-)