(Odissac Sharisa) #1

I literally can’t mine in this game anymore, I’ve been now for years and the effort we need to put in to mine with any affect on our industry goals are a complete shambles. I mean I get to any belt be it ice or asteroid and there we be NPCs that have cleared everything before I have even gotten out of bed or a single person with a group of multi boxers depleting the ice belt in 5 minutes flat every four hours.

I used to be fine with no NPCs and Ice belts that would not vanish but all these changes seem aimed at only one thing and that’s lining CCPs pockets with cash by encouraging/ soon forcing plex purchases.

If you really care about your players you will start thinking more about game play and customer satisfaction and not how you can achieve more profits.

I would love to hear a good reason why we are being prevented from mining the resources needed to play the game?

Is mining being killing off ...?
(z0rella Zazzmataz) #2

You princess. We’ll be looking for you, we’ll be finding you, and we’ll be mining the rocks you mine exclusively. Thank bob for locator agents and zkill. Stop making miners look bad. If you’re having a problem with npc miners then just shoot them like we do. They drop tons of ore, and we’re sitll waiting for a defense fleet to form.

(Odissac Sharisa) #3

“just shoot them like we do” for anyone reading this who has yet to attack NPC mining bots, its a bad idea ok!! :smiley:

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #4

Nope, mate. We’ve been shooting three fleets in the last couple a days and not a single defense fleet formed since CCP changed the standings hit to cater to the weak cowards who make elite miners look bad.

Only once, before that change, we got a defense fleet up and we wiped it off the field. Might, or might not, have something to do with the hauler showing up. For the last two fleets no hauler showed up at all, so we wiped them. These ships behaved like real miners. The miners just sat there, afk, letting us shoot them until they popped. One after another.

(Rivr Luzade) #5

NPC miners should mine the ore anomalies in null sec, not the normal belts. Ore anoms are the places where most of the ore comes from and where ore should be eliminated. NPC miners in normal belts are nothing but a worthless, useless and pointless waste of time.

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #6

Nope, mate. They’re fun to shoot and the defense fleet is a nice little challenge. Still wiping them, though.

(Rivr Luzade) #7

You can still shoot them in ore anoms, darling, but in those anoms they would at least do what CCP intended them to do: remove ore.

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #8

I can still shoot them anywhere the ■■■■ i want, because you ain’t making the rules, boy. Just 'cause there’s so many bitching cowards doesn’t mean everyone needs to suffer from all the cowards around.

(Rivr Luzade) #9

No, not for you, because you don’t seem to understand what I am talking about, darling. These NPC were introduced to remove ore from the available pool. They do that quite well in high sec, where next to no ore is mined compared to null sec. In null sec they only mine in normal belts where no one mines, which makes them useless. That needs to change.

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #10

I understand perfectly fine. You’re a white knight who stands up against the evil npc miner oppression that disturbs all the little princesses who just wanna mine in peace. Ya, gotcha.

Okay just so we get done with the edits (i know i started, sorry 'bout that) i ain’t saying nullsec doesn’t need more of them. I’m just saying highsec doesn’t need any less.

(Arushia) #11

Probe moons in 0.5 space
Anchor Athanor

(Odissac Sharisa) #12

Seriously there is no point in NPCs mining the Ore in highsec it’s a cash grab one of the worst of things in MMO games. It’s as bad as having to pay for bag space in Archlord II after they turned off the server for Archlord I, which can I add I’m still raging about. I Invested hours in that damn game LMAO!


(Gregorius Goldstein) #13

How I “Mine” in HighSec: Buyorder for compressed nullsec-ore is up :slight_smile:

(Gregorius Goldstein) #14

You never left the starting area. It’s like saying: No matter how many rats I slay in the first dungeon I never get enough stuff for a shiny new armor.

(Odissac Sharisa) #15

starting area im in the middle of frecking knowwhere that’s a poor comment, what possible gain do you have from rats mining the ore in high sec, it pushing your buy order cost up for one thing

(Rivr Luzade) #16

Considering that I consistently see 3-4 NPC mining fleets in high sec, but rarely ever anything in null sec, I would say that they can be dialed down a fair bit and still provide you with tons of action.

Furthermore, you can only remove the fleets by attacking them, which means your empire standings fall, which means you cannot mine in high sec. Overall: A failure of a mechanic.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #17

Nope, buy buyorder isn’t effected, the roquals make sure it will be fine. The highsec ore got to much AFK mined in Orcas and CCP reacted to that. Still enough ore out there to learn the mechanics and move on.

And like others pointed out there are now minable moons in 0,5 systems. Just a get into a propper corp and stop complaining about how the training-dummy is to hard for you.

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #18

Well ya can bump 'em, too. Though we still gotta try that one, we usually resort to spreading ammunition. Empire standings aren’t affected, btw. It’s only a MINISCULE (thanks, CCP GRRRR) loss of standings towards the corp “owning” the fleet. Like, we’ve got 0.04 standings loss for shooting them. It’ll take ages until that’s gonna matter.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #19

What are you mining the highsec ore for to begin with? Without Low/Null/WH-stuff all you can do is some crappy T1 production anyway. And to spare you the next dissapointment: Most High-Sec producing will gain you a loss compared to just selling the ore.

(Ezra Endashi) #20

@Odissac_Sharisa I suggest you to find a nearest Abandoned mining colony there where you usually mine ore. Those sites are not visited by NPC mining fleets and apparently a lot of miners don’t know for this sites. I guess ore in them respawns after every server restart. Somebody can confirm this?

Here you can find list of systems with Abandoned mining colony beacon or you can just view systems details on Dotlan to see if in that system Abandoned mining colony beacon exists. :wink:

PS. In these sites you can find non hi-sec ores in hi-sec space :sunglasses: