Maybe some will see this

Okay, let the troll fest begin. Its Eve and there is never anything remotely like never NOT troll.

But here goes.

I am a miner. That is what I like to do. It may be boring to you, a waste of time to you, something to laugh at to you. I like it myself.

I also go out and PVP sometimes, though usually I can be found in a belt Zening out and not really digging on anything but rocks and Youtube. That is how I like to play the game. That is what I spent FIVE YEARS worth of subscriptions for.

I do not just do the almighty most important bestest way evar to play, and if your not doing it your doing it wrong carebear sissy player PVP style of play.

I like to sit in a belt an mine. Drink a brew or something else and just let the world slip away for a bit.

Now it looks like CCP has gone a ruined it.

Not only do belts seem to have forgotten how to respawn after down time.

Not only do the NCP miners warp in and mine ore at incredible rates.

Now the NPC miner guards warp in with their high DPS and scrams.

First time it happened to me today, and yeah I am a little ticked off at CCP.
CCP what is this?

Who came up with this wonderful new mechanic?

I cruised around low sec today looking for ore. There was noon to be found yesterday, and I get it.

Your NPC miners took it all. This morning the belts are still empty. This afternoon same thing.

The belts forgot t respawn. And after joining a few chats and reading a few forums I have learned that nope, its not just me.

So, I jump to an alt and go visit highsec. Some ore there and of course the aggravating NPC miners show up. Of course they do. Ten belts in a system but they just happen to want yours. But that’s cool CCP I get it. Fine.

But now when you shoot back at a regular rat , the NPC guards jump on you. Not a hauler. Not a miner. Not one of the high DPS/scram guards. A regular usual rat.

It never happened before. This is new. It was not one of the faction miner NPC’s. I avoid them with good reason. Not Guristas or Thukkers or anyone else.

So no reason for a faction guard to show up. But they did. In highsec.

CODE is bad enough, and truth be told, the lore says that CCP had alts that started CODE many moons ago. I do not know if it is true but that is the lore.

It was either them or GOONS and then again some say CCP are also inside GOONS.

I have no idea, but it seems plausible as this is EVE . Anyone and no one can be trusted at anytime to be telling your the truth. You never know what their intentions and motivations may be. And that is cool. It makes it interesting.

But this crap really does put some truth into the whole idea going around that CCP ultimately wants to shutdown all production. Its a big part of the game.

The little solo guy/gal does not always want to join a corp. They do not always want to live in lowsec or null. They do not always want to be in an alliance.

Some just like to renew their sub. Train their skill sets. Buy/build the ships then go out and mine.

This new mechanic sucks and I am going to scream to BOB about it. Yell into the void.

Maybe the void will hear me, cause CCP sure does not.

If you take this away from me why bother to continue to sub and pay your salaries?

I imagine there are allot more of me in the game and besides the new bros need something to start with and it is usually mining.

You wanna push out the new blood to? I hope a DEV sees this and responds but I doubt it.

CCP is deaf and blind. Or they will lock a topic they that calls them out.

Go ahead and troll away. Over the years I have grown a thick enough hide.

I only point out the obvious. Kill off mining and then what? CCP takes it out of the game and dictates ore and mineral prices from now on? Wow that sounds like a good idea.

I may need to take a break for a while, at least until a new bunch comes in and restores order.

I am keeping my stuff in the hopes that it MIGHT happen. Maybe.

I think I will check into the forums to see CCP changes it. Other than that, I simply find this new mechanic to be something that sucked the enjoyment right out of the game for me. And that is something I do not want to spend real dollars on.

Go ahead and tell me to stop whining. Whatever.

This is over the top and over kill.


Two things came to my mind while I red this:

  • Whoever tries to tell someone how to play “the right way” does not understand the concept of the sandbox.
  • Adapt or die.

November 2016

As posted by CCP Paradox:

That’s a good point. Maybe you should hit 'em where it hurts (the wallet) and unsubscribe. That’ll make CCP listen since it hurts their bottom dollar.


Adapt. Typical response. Listen bub, not only does your sub pay their salaries, but mine and legions of others just like me also pay their salaries.

This is a bad choice period, and I see it driving new players away. Older ones to. How bout they not do things like this? Die my azz. How bout I go and take my ball " and my money" with me?

That sound good? How bout when more and more people decide that they do not want to “adapt” and leave what happens? Are you going to front all the cash it takes to keep CCP going?

And they will, the new blood who could choose to start a paying account might not want to after all.

There are those who only want to indie, and I say that due to the number of ships and things sold everyday. A vast majority of those players are highsec inde/miners. Understand yet?


One last thing for a while.

I recently saw yet another economical report posted by CCP. I never bothered to read them, but I imagine it has to do with the amount of goods made and sold in game.

If this is a new mechanic to the game then I think the next one will suffer for it. Great job guys. Really.


More power to you!


Makes sense if those miners were from same faction as “usual rat” - response fleet will protect them as well if they see you aggress on them in belts.

On the bright side if you happen to have high standings with their faction they will be blue to you and protect YOU, including repairs from their logi ships.


Nope. NOT from there faction. I don’t think Gurista rats are part of the group mining in the belt. I know how that works.

Guristas are supposed to hate Caldari anything. Now defend it.

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Hey now ya get it. I DO have the power. Power of the purse.

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Yeah! Go use that power!! Hit 'em where it hurts! Let’s see you do the thing!

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tl;dr NPCs suck and should all be removed from EVE



EVE really is about adapting. Try exploring more of the game. And if mining is what you really enjoy doing in the end, there are ways to get your own “private” asteroids. Just research Mining Agents, or if that’s not good enough, Lv4 security mission mining.


Or be a renter.

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Indeed, fleeting may be the better EVE-like solution.

CCP hates miners (unless they play in nullsec), they have shown this repeatedly, sadly my advice is either stop playing EVE or do something where the game developers don’t hate the game play style you chose.

(so much for the sandbox, where you get to do what you want, not realistic definition when you have to fight against every move the game developers make because they hate the choice you made and punish you for making it).


NPC mining is not a new mechanic. I have never had one shoot at me nor have they ever defended any rats that warp in. Now granted I’m sure that you mine a lot more than me so I’ll take your word for it. I don’t think CCP hates high sec mining, they did add moon mining to high sec, I just think that they realized that HS AFK mining was an issue and NPC mining fleets was an easy counter.
Also I don’t think the vast majority of ships and things sold every day are made, bought, or sold by high sec miners.
A simple solution to NPC mining fleets is go to another belt or another system. If I warp to a belt that has a mining fleet of players in it I wouldn’t stay there. But if you really hate how things are I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t really see a lot of people here complaining about the NPC fleets.

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I’ve been subbed off and on for years. I play casual. I do industrial and market stuff because I find it enjoyable. Some PvE stuff sometimes (last year’s Crimson Harvest was fun for me, because it worked very well with my play style).

I was out for a few months (because life happens), I come back, go out to do a little mining, and wow, now there are rat fleets that pop my tanked barge in hisec. A solo player has no chance to win that scenario. That’s not fun, why would I pay for that?


Have you tried asking people to help you get rid of these NPC miners? Maybe even pay them to help you get rid of them?


Happy cake day @Solonius_Rex


I have a solo mining alt, so I do mine with her once in a while. I’ve seen the frigate fleets and npc haulers and all that nonsense. I normally just warp to another belt, problem solved. Maybe you should find a system with more belts? That’s my first thought.

My second thought is, if you have been playing for five years, why not just dock up, get in a tech III, go back and murder them all while laughing like the joker?