A typical night of playing Eve Online

Logs in, checks local belts. Nope mined out, oh look at the FOB rats warps off ASAP
Checks local moons, nope, just Mexallon, Pyerite and Silicates … at every moon. Its 7 days away anyhow.
Checks local ore anomalies, oh hey there is one 8 jumps away! Better than nothing, sets warp.
Oh hey a invasion has trapped me in my pocket, can’t get T1 barges thru that safely.
Checks local combat anomalies, nope all done.
Checks local cosmic signatures, nope no data or relic sites.

Logs off, indicates thumbs down again.


You remind me of my short exploration venture (not the ship) which was before Trigs.

First site got some almost worthless loot, then loads of empty sites and then found a site where I thought my luck was in. after a short while NPCs turned up and made swiss cheese out of my ship within about 2 seconds. Then done a load more empty sites before deciding I’d wasted enough time on exploration.

So they made mining as harsh as PVP.

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‘Pvp’ as most define it is not ‘harsh’…

There is no ‘harshness’ in killing noobs and unarmed ships that cannot shoot back at you.

Slightly 90% of all ‘pvp’ers’ are just gankers that just CALL it ‘PVP’…

This is the reason why we need non pvp in high…


@Darlo_Kubika The amount of salt from you in multiple threads is entertaining.

Keep it up.



I’m insulting you as coward and you understand it as ‘salt’?

There we have your problem…

Ok…now i make it so simple that even YOU understand it…

Ganking an unarmed ship IS no pvp,it’s just for people who are simply not ABLE to do real pvp or ■■■■ their pants if they have to face an enemy that actually can hurt them.
So they choose easy targets,than cannot shoot back and CALL it ‘pvp’

Real pvp players LAUGH about high and low sec gankers for a reason dude.

You are just the kind of ‘bully’ at school who always picks on the smallest kid who cannot really defend itself and feels good doing it.
Picking a real target would be to ‘unconviniend’…

clear enough?




Yep…if you are really the idiot you seem to be it’s salt…

Must be real nice inside your bubble…cozy and warm…

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Look, I understand why…

But you deserved it for this for flying this https://zkillboard.com/kill/81172567/

All you did was derail a perfectly reasonable thread with your bile. You my friend are the cancer people talk about in EVE.


Yes that was a stupid mistake…i undocked before putting the injectors back into station hangar and didn’t realized it until the boom… :slight_smile:


So i guess you haven’t made a mistake in your whole live? :slight_smile:

In eve… nope.

I have always been the shark in the oceans of EVE.

Real-life… ofcourse. But In eve I don’t care about real-life. back on topic: Sorry @Roughneck_Reject . Ping me ingame if you want to be part of the cash grab coming with abandoned structure potentially dropping loot.

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If you say so…

Why do i not believe you though? :slight_smile:

You dont need to.

Those that know in game know me formally as Cannibal Kane before I sold my char. I have nothing to prove to anybody ingame


Never trust people who say ‘i have nothing to prove’ :slight_smile:

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Asteroid Hunter may be the most difficult path of progression real soon.

I remember when people would hire us to chase corps out of their area of mining to keep the belts clear. That is how EVE use to be. And there was a lot less ore to go around compared to now.

I think the age of plenty has stagnated EVE and as such they are shaking things up so people can fight for resources again, or atleast hire people to fight for them.


I made this chart for a thread suggesting that CCP get rid of concord. I thought it would be worth my time because I’d invariably run into someone arguing against “non-consensual” PvP. Little did I know I’d find you about 3 threads later.

Anyway, I strongly assert that it’s the lazy, impatient, and ignorant that feed kills to HS PvP’ers. So, if you think HS PvP is a problem, you should probably take a look at what you’re doing wrong. Personally, I haven’t lost a PvE ship or hauler to “non-consensual” PvP in highsec since about my first month of playing (started playing in 2015). And to put that in perspective, I did industry and region trading for my first 18 months in Eve, and became a logi master for WTM. So I have flown a metric butt ton through HS since that time. If anything, I’d say that HS is a too safe. Hopefully, surgical strike changes that.


Sounds like you need to move to a more quiet area with less traffic. I have a system that I mine in every single day with 15 belts pretty much all to myself. There are usually only 3 or 4 players in local, and only one other person besides me that I’ve seen regularly mining…


Enjoy some culture.


Okay, the problem is that you can see problems/challenges, but not the solutions.

  • Logs in, checks local belts. Nope mined out- move to a place with better mining. I don’t know exactly how the NPC miners work (I’m not a miner), but I do know that they they seem to hit certain systems much harder than others.
  • oh look at the FOB rats warps off ASAP- Look up how to kill FOB’s. Get a little bit of loot and fun out of it. Can’t do it by yourself? Ask other miners in the area if they want to group up. I’ve found miners, as an aggregate, tend to be quite sociable and friendly. So, you’ll undoubtedly find some willing participants, and possible a new friend or two.
  • Checks local ore anomalies, oh hey there is one 8 jumps away!- Good. Looks like you can problem solve…
  • a invasion has trapped me in my pocket, can’t get T1 barges thru that safely.- I’ve heard that anchoring trigs will spawn on gates in foothold and adjacent systems, but not in perimeter systems. However, I have not verified this. What I do know is that I have never encountered an anchoring rat while traveling through invasion systems, and most of the time, the gates don’t have any trigs on them. Personally, I just use travel fits, and never had a problem with the trigs (i’m more concerned about the gankers). However, if you want to be extra careful, you can scout the other side of the gate, and/or wait for someone else to jump through so that if there are anchoring trigs on the other side, they’ll scram and attack him while you fly away. Also, do note that I have no doubt that a properly tanked procurer should have no problems, but covetors and retrieivers probably will. So, maybe don’t take them through invasion systems. ALSO, since you’re talking about T1 barges, you could have cheaply bought some more, and then left them on the other side of the choke point in case this happens again.

Anyway, I can see how this stuff might be frustrating to the more casual players. Like, I play other games casually, and am not looking for a lot of challenge or having to use my brain a lot when playing them -I already have Eve to scratch that itch. So, I can understand where you’re coming from. However, (1) Eve isn’t exactly the most casual friendly game out there, (2) the challenges you were complaining about actually take very little knowledge and effort to overcome, and (3) you’d probably have a lot more fun if you changed your outlook. Instead of problems, see challenges. And instead of complaining, try to figure out solutions (or just ask in the forums, look up guides, etcetera).