Eve Online? More like Griefing Online

This is a rant and I’m deep in the salt mines because I would love to actually play this game.

This game is not meant for people who like to mainly PvE. High sec is already penalized with less resources, lower quality resources, and higher tax rates. Why is PvP allowed in high sec? For what purpose does that rule exist other than to enable griefers? Or to just say the game is 100% PvP? But who cares? No one goes to high sec looking to fight. They only go to high sec to grief.

I think I represent a huge potential player base that likes to only PvP when appropriate and mostly loves PvE stuff. I’m all for PvP in low sec and null sec, higher risk and higher rewards. But there’s got to be a huge player base that just wants to do PvE fun stuff without the constant risk of being ganked in high sec.

I was very excited to get into PI, setup some industry, do some mining, trading, then some exploring. Yeah, that’s what I want to do and how I want to play. But I can’t, because the griefing will never stop. Being constantly harassed by other players that just suicide gank. How is that fun for me?

I would think you want new players to join. The peak I’ve seen nowadays is 25k online. I would argue many new players go into mining and are immediately turned off from the entire game after their first gank. Besides myself, I know 4 other IRL people that have tried the game and it ended this exact same way. It absolutely drives players away from the game.

I know the game won’t change, the harassment is by design. Which is why I’ve pulled both omega accounts and uninstalled the game. It sucks though, I would have really liked this game. I’ve come back every few years since 2008 and it always ends the same way, with griefing, frustration, and not having fun.

This game isn’t meant for people like me.


Calm down miner.


Boss, please make your complaints known about specific mechanics to CCP via the ticketing system. Posting here or on Reddit is pointless. There are groups of people who do nothing but monitor here and there all day for posts that are not “with the program” and to attack you personally.

They will even go as far to find you on news publication and try to attack you there as well. :slight_smile:

Can I have your stuff?


Get away from Caldari Space. Don’t fly things that are overly expensive. Don’t join a corp with structures. Make yourself less of a target and you will be fine. Don’t think that High sec means you are safe, keep an eye on your surroundings and don’t mine afk. Ganking is a valid form of gameplay and CCP has said it’s not going away (griefing is not allowed and generally only happens in new player zones). Treat Gankers as the weather and plan around it, you wouldn’t ride your bike to work during a rainstorm, you learn to plan ahead and maybe take the car instead, or at least put on some extra layers to keep your work clothes dry.

Where’s the harm in going to play a game you enjoy, then?

Or do you enjoy jumping into 20+ year old gaming communities and telling everyone how important your experience is and that everyone else playing is wrong?

There’s a lot of threads like yours OP and they always bring up the same uninformed tired points and drag the community down.

You should have started the forums in the newbie section with 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online


you should get a mining permit. I can hook you up with a cheap one, valid for 1 year.

To balance out the rewards. Areas with higher risks have higher rewards. If HighSec has zero risk, the logical consequence would be that you have zero rewards. Meaning you can just go sightseeing there and not make any money. Do you want that?


TLDR: ‘I aM bAd aT tHe gAmE aNd iTs eVeRyOnE eLsEs FauLt’


Dis gunna be good.


How long before the DMC emerges from the woodwork to jump on the eve is ■■■■ train.

Or Dracvlad for that matter.

Haven’t seen he-who-must-not-be-named-else-he’ll-abuse-the-flagging-system-and-have-your-post-censored. Did he finally get banned?

I feel constantly picked on liked griefed even on the forums yet noone comes at me in game?


By suggesting somthing to be good, one must first put in a little more effort! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Someone is seeing red!

I wanted to offer to help you with PI along with ships and tactics of being sneaky though after getting to the line about 2008 perhaps you can help me with something?

I didn’t realize that spectating required more effort.

Maybe you could buy one of Iceacid’s spectating permits for 1 billion ISK. :upside_down_face:

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