Make 1.0 High-Sec non PvP Please

About the only thing that you could do to bring ‘Casual Players’ like myself back into the game would be to provide a Sanctuary for new and casual players. I’ve been ganked fresh out of the starter area in High-Sec 1.0, I’ve been ganked in my Mackinaw in High-Sec 1.0 (who really feels threatened by an EVE Miner I mean Seriously!) I’ve even had player warp into my mission bubble and gank me (also in 1.0 High-Sec.)

Would it really Destroy the game if 1.0 High Sec systems were non-PvP? Would the gankers have their ‘fun’ destroyed and leave the game? (I for one would not miss the EVE Bullies) Oh wait, is the vast majority of EVE Online players Gankers? I could then understand why you’d be hesitant to remove PvP in 10. High-Sec Space.

Anyways, I don’t expect this post to get any notice, I suspect all you EVE Players will just get a good laugh at yet another ‘Casual Player’ whining about unwarranted Kills in EVE Online. Gankers FTW!!



As others have already stated:
Asking for Non-PvP in Hi-Sec is a waste of time. How is the game company supposed to make any money if the ships and their expensive modules don’t get blown up ??
Keeping you spending ISK and money for PLEX is the name of the game.
Your satisfaction matters little to none.

Not another “but I don’t want Eve to be Eve” thread. Lets think this through shall we?

So, you get what you want. An Eve Universe without any possibility of players competing against or adversely impacting any other players. And that’s what you are asking for: because other players will come into your little enclave and play the game as well. The “no interaction” has to apply everywhere.

And what exactly will you do there if there is no Player v Player interactions?

  • There’s no market. That’s players competing against players to buy and sell things.
  • There’s no industry because the activity costs are player activity based and so there is competition between players there as well with competitive sourcing of materials. Likewise for invention and research.
  • Bluntly: there’s no way to earn ISK - no one to buy stuff from you be. And before you say “PLEX” there’s no one to buy them from you either. And you can’t PLEX your account because there’s no one to buy them from. No market - stagnation.
  • And no, you can’t install a citadel since you are in competition with other players for the best locations. Anyway, how are you going to pay for it without ISK? Also, you can’t make it - PI performance depends on the extraction of materials and that is interaction with other players (that’s how PI resource distribution is calculated).
  • You can’t interact with other players so fleets, corporations of more than one person, chat channels and other social interactions are banned in case those interactions become competitive or upsetting.
  • Mining must be removed to avoid competition for the rocks between different pilots. Not that it’s a problem, you can’t sell the ore to another non-existent player.
  • And we’ve got to remove ratting because of player v player competition for kills in the sites.
  • And exploration is out in case I have to compete with someone in scanning and hacking sites before they do.
  • No contracts. You are competing with others for business.
  • There’s a risk that I upset you by being a better mission runner, but the rewards: I mean, I can end up in competition for a better outcome for bragging rights. Perhaps I should remove that as well?

What’s left? And No, you can’t spin in the hangar. That’s just going to encourage spin counting competitions between players.

You might as well play Farmville Hello Kitty Edition. You know, the one where the cat piddles on your carrots…

Before you ask: yes, I’m a Hi-sec resident, I play largely a solo and social game, I do fight when I need to or when I wish, I have been ganked (once - I wasn’t paying attention). I have been in a situation where I could have taken an easy kill, but that’s not me so I let him go. Eve is what you make of it. Accept it.

Sure make 1.0 a no-PVP zone but also make it a no-ISK earning zone too!


1.0 rookie sec space is already protected by CCP policy. If a veteran player kills you in 1.0 Rookie system and you are a new player report them.

If it’s another new player: suck it up.

If you’re an older character: 1.0 rookie space is covered by CCP policy and you should move out.

Just to let you know Brun that it’s not all 1.0 systems that CCP “protects”, just a few 1.0 starter systems.

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I meant to make that clear with 1.0 rookie sec - but apparently I missed the mark on that one. The specific systems are listed in the article though :heart:

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tbh you would be better off playing Elite Dangerous in “Group Play”, there you can mine low temp diamonds without interference and pretend you are a space miner.

ED is a horrible game…there, I said it…

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Both Eve & ED have good points and bad points. Very different but then if the OP wants to just “beat the computer” and chat with others doing the same then ED is a good fit.

I’d say the best AI only game would be the X series…

To summarize what most others have said, you can’t have reward without risk in a game with a player driven economy. Nullsec came close to achieving that over the past few years and it will likely take years to rebalance the economy after the mess they created. If you really want to mine or run missions in peace, login to the test server.

I appreciate you posting this, and I know you knew what to expect when you did it.

The reality is there is really no way to make any place in EVE 100% safe without destroying what makes the game unique.


So other games have a grace period/min level before PvP is allowed, yet EVE Online ‘Allows’ (well the mechanics of the game do) you to PvP from basically level 1 or your first 500k skill points. whatever. High sec 1.0 means CONCORD /may show up and kill the ganker, and I have seen it happen, I got ganked and saw the player that ganked me got blown out of the sky by CONCORD… I’m betting the guy could afford to build 5000 more ships that he used to gank me and got a huge laugh at the expense of a new player… I can hear him now…“If you don’t have the stomach to enter the PvP world of EVE Online GTFO Sucker!!” My that’s an excellent attitude towards new players, and you wonder why the new player base in eve online is one of the fastest revolving doors in gaming history?

Here’s a question (2 actually) Why call it High Sec 1.0 when in reality there’s no Security at all when players are so rich they are willing to sacrifice ships for the joy of ganking? why have any PvE at all, as you say it’s a player based game… who needs missions and rats to fight. go find other players to fight… collect the bounties (and the goods) But I digress, aparently my little thread has got the gankers upset how dare I suggest that High-Sec 1.0 space be safe-havens in EVE Online, after all we know that’s where all the ‘Fun’ is, fresh meat and all that, makes you EVE Sharks drool, the thought of making it a wee bit easier for the ‘CASUAL GAMER’ to get his feet wet before jumping into the world of 0.0 to 0.9 sectors. Take the gloves off there boys, we have been warned. Did you know EVE has a bit of a steep learning curve for new players?

My digress has digressed, sorry.

My point by the way was not to ‘ROB YOU OF YOUR FUN’ but to offer a suggestion that might see more new players enter EVE and stay a bit longer, get past that steep learning curve… and so what if a few players never leave 1.0 High-Sec, it would take a solo miner 6 months to get enough ISK to buy enough plex to add 30 days to his account. and you ‘Long Time EVE player’ have total control of the markets, you could make veldspar and other low level ore not worth the time to mine. But I’d still mine it, because I’m a CASUAL PLAYER I don’t play EVE for the PvP, there is so much more to eve than just the PvP. And one day I’d probably venture out of 1.0 space, and I’d welcome the gankers, because I will have deserved it.

Did I digress again, Ok, I’m done, Fly safe, just not too safe because that would spoil the game right?


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1.0 is the safest space in the game. It doesn’t mean it is perfectly safe, which is perfectly consistent with the fact Eve is a full-time, PvP-everywhere game. It’s pretty damn safe, but still, if someone wants to pay the cost, they can attack you there.

Eve also needs PvE as a resource-based PvP game. You need to collect the building blocks to build war materials from somewhere. That isn’t inconsistent at all. If you just want to mindlessly accumulate points in safety then maybe Eve isn’t for you, but the fact there is PvE and resource gathering in a game like Eve is intended and expected.

It would. The game is what it is because loss is not only a possibility, but a regular occurrence.

If that isn’t your thing, no worries. You should just do you, not waste time on what some of the rest of us like to do that isn’t your thing. Have fun wherever you end up!

WOW, I wish I could express those feelings and issues as well as you just did. As a new casual player, I appreciate your post.

Those questions fly in the face of those who say EVE is a PvP game. Indeed, if EVE is for PvPers, then why have security zones at all ? Why not remove the security rating on ALL systems ?

Would it be to give new players a false sense of security and lure them into the slaughterhouse ?

It doesn’t fly in the face of anything. There are more types of PvP than just free-for-all combat. There are degrees of risk. There are game systems that dissuade open combat that you can learn to use to your advantage if you want to.

No it wouldn’t be about a false sense of security. Literally every reply to the comments on this thread have been to try and educate you (collective you) that you shouldn’t feel secure and that it’s actually OK not to be completely secure. You don’t need to be secure. You don’t need external protection. You can repeatedly lose in this game and still be successful and still make progress and still have an awesome time.

You haven’t found a clever gotcha here, you’re just choosing not to learn and adapt to a paradigm you’re not familiar with.

Eve doesn’t need to coddle new players. We’ve all been new players (some of us long enough ago to remember that Concord didn’t even work reliably at launch).

New players losing ships to PvP does not drive them away from the game in volume. Some, sure, but it does not account for a significant proportion of those that choose not to stay.

CCP literally did a study on this and presented their findings:


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Quit asking for highsec to be made safe. CCP will never do this. Instead, propose that abyssal mining areas be introduced… no other players can enter, you can mine, mine, mine, whatever. If you are afraid of being ganked in missions then you can just use filaments to eliminate that possibility. The game already has safe spaces.

Brother, that study from 5 years ago is bullsh*t. You should check out CCP’s latest study presented in ‘Eve Down Under 2019 - Beyond The Friendship Machine’ which starts @ 37.07 and ends @ 44.10
CCP Hilmar talks about new players and ‘The Magic Moment’ @ 42.50


Isn’t the magic moment the moment they get non-consentually PVP’d?

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