Eve online is way too unforgiving for new players

The reason is that in this game there are way too many people who have played the game for ages and their only fun seems to be camping high security with relatively cheap ships for them and destroying noobs that come their way. They get destroyed by concord but since they have billions and billions of isk couple million lost to a destroyer doesn’t really hurt them at all. Meanwhile the new players struggle to get even basic mining done in high sec. The penalties for attacking a player in high sec should be way more severe than it is now.

Right now I’ve lost countless ships to players who just come noob camping and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Some players even have multiple accounts running the same time and all of them are better trained and equipped than the noobs they hunt down. It just discourages new players playing this game since it’s not very enjoyable to always be the target of some bored older player when you have absolutely no fighting chance what so ever.


I’m not sure there is a feature or idea in here…

Maybe ask in another forum what you can do to stop losing ships to other players as frequently? At least in highsec where there is a mandatory cost on aggression, there is a lot you can do to avoid pirates. It sounds like you just need to hear and learn about them.

Can you define ‘basic mining’ for me? My mining career had gone almost completely without incident while flying in either a Procurer or an Endurance. I’m not a bean counter so I can’t speak to the efficiency vs. optimum, but if I just wanted to mine some stuff in relative peace, I could. Losing a T1 barge pays insurance, so I wouldn’t think of losing one as worth much of a fuss.

I would get attacked on occasion in a retriever, which is why I’d occasionally fly one of those. I wanted to see what would come out of the woodwork. However, I always felt like it was mostly up to me to either make myself a target or not as the mood struck me. I didn’t need any advanced skills or lots of isk to have that control.

New players really shouldn’t try an “get even basic mining done in high sec.” It’s a trap gameplay meant to trick the dumbest of the dumb. Don’t fall for it. Do something else, like wormhole exploring in T1 exploration ships.

If you want to pick a gameplay style that requires little to no-effort, then you better be willing to put up with the risk. You’re not entitled to safety in space.

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Those players that “camp noobs” and suicide gank them are supported by CCP&PA . It is good business for CCP&PA , because they make you fall into the trap of buying PLEX and selling it on the market to get ISK to replace your lost ships.
On top of that CCP created roaming triglavians and FOBs with roaming NPC diamond rats to help them with this . They go hand in hand.
The only thing that CCP cares about is getting as much real money out of a new player as fast as possible before it quits the game.


This is a lie and this poster has no idea what they’re talking about.

I’ve never (as yet anyway) been attacked mining in hi sec, only in low sec and wh.

Hi sec mining is a [relatively] safe, easy way for new players w/o much experience to make some isk. Yes they should expand to other things but it’s a good start.

Rookie griefing in lowsec is a gray area. All your losses are in lowsec. Rookie Griefing is while your doing the tutorial missions and someone attack you. You can file a ticket about that. Also, If a newplayer skipped the tutorial missions He will no longer considered a rookie but an alt.

Proof ?

As Neo noticed your deaths were in low sec space:

Stay in high sec space with a security level of 0.5 and above, there any agressors will be killed by the space police, CONCORD. That won’t stop everyone from attacking you, but it will stop most.

Once you are aware of thr basic dangers in EVE and know some tricks to survive when people are trying to kill you, or when you just want to try and see what happens, leave high sec in a cheap ship to learn how other parts of space work.

Is it?

In what situation is it not ok to attack noobs in low sec?

Why wouldn’t they support legitimate game play?

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Though it is discouraging if someone is bored and goes for a noob-hunt, it is part of the game and makes it interesting.

I’m a new player (since end of Dec 2020) and I’m enjoying myself. Yea you die sometimes and death in this game means a lot more than in most modern hand-holding games, but I like that…

That said, it is not that bad in hisec. I died a lot early on, but that was my own fault. I got it in my head that you could play this game mostly afk and so that’s what I did… Then I lost my first T2 ship within an hour of it’s first trip out (an Endurance, in hisec) and I learned my lesson. Watch Local chat, stay alert and be ready to gtfo.

It’s cliche, but it’s true, every time I die I rage for about a minute and want to quit, but then I realize that it was my fault in some way or another, and I learn something from it.

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A good attitude, I too can look through my deaths and tell you exactly what I did wrong for every death. Most of them were simple mistakes, some unavoidable but a result of my choices nonetheless.

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I’m curious how you lost that Endurance, if you want to tell. I flew one to gather ice in highsec quite a bit and even if I would remain in the belt while there were gankers to see what would happen, I still would not be targeted. All I did was orbit ice while I mined it and avoid fitting any modules I couldn’t buy a boat load of at the corner market.

Were you stationary?

I was just mining an asteroid with a laser and maybe drones (don’t remember if I had mining or sentry drones deployed) and probably orbiting it. I was partially afk (at my desk but looking at something else periodically). Ganker came in and got me before I knew what hit me. This was hisec, but a 0.5 (Aidart iirc).

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Lol, this is your own fault champ don’t blindly jump into lowsec with a freighter next time.

New player ship I see.

Its your fault you died

This is the language of an abuser

Its my fault I died

That is the language of a victim that is an enabler of abusers.

One truth is its always the fault of the aggressor when your ship is destroyed.

The more important truth is there is almost always something you could have done to increase the chances of your survival.

But if you flew a Charon unescorted in low sec after playing this game for 3 or more months I don’t think there is any helping you.

In fact, this thread might be a troll thread cause it seems too daft to be real.


I believe this is a form of Affirming the consequent, a logical error.

I do see where the argument comes from. There are those who blame themselves for a problem that is not really their fault and because they feel responsible do nothing to improve the situation. If this is a dynamic between two people, then it would give rise to your abusers and enablers.

However, in Eve, we use this statement to indicate who had control to change the outcome of the situation. If someone says “It is your fault I died” they are implying that they will not exercise any control they have to change the outcome in the future, but instead expect the second party to either control themselves or to have a third party control or leash that second party for them.

If a person says, in Eve, that “It is my fault I died.” then they probably mean “There are things I could have done differently that would have prevented this outcome. I will make an effort to find what those things are and do them so this does not happen again.”

The words you quote do sometimes indicate what you believe they do, but sometimes they indicate the opposite.