Reason why I hate Eve's pvp, and its pvpers

Actually don’t get me wrong, I love Eve’s pvp mechanics, but only up to a certain point.

Up to the point where any reasonably “balanced” engagement you get into requires some use of maneuvering, tactics and skill to be successful, all those are great, when they do happen.

They very seldom happen though and that is the main problem.

The other day I was roaming around in a coercer, looking for suitable targets to play with. I mustve spent about 40 mins looking to find a system with some people in what looked like frigates and cruisers.

I set myself up inside one of those plexes and waited some 15-20mins before the locals decided to punch in.

Bare in mind that many times a varied number of targetworthy ships came into shortscan, but never punched in and came and went on like that for 15 mins, until they eventually worked some combination of ships to play with… against a single coercer …

And what would that one be you might ask ?

Well, a Dragoon punched in, no other sign of locals on short and longscan so I thought happy days, let’s finally have some fun.

But alas, what would the guy pull on me ?

You could’ve guessed what this thread would be about by now .

ECM drones…

Needless to say the guy could’ve simply finished me off on his own with that dirty trick up his sleeve, but nooo, he had his friends come along obviously, and both pulled in an Ishkur and Retribution, just to make sure …

I mean at this rate of completesnipdriven gameplay, whats even the point of roaming 40 mins to find a fight + 15mins of waiting, if all you get to play with are a bunch slowbrains who are here just to work out the most OP way to kill a single destroyer ?

Im just saying,

You do sometimes find goodfights in this game, yea sure, but the overral majority of fights is spent playing through tidal waves of arseholes who just only just want to pile up as much OP engagement on a single target as possible and with the least possible use of braincells.

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you’re right, 9 times out of 10 you will be blobbed.


EVE is not well known for solo activities - that’s why there are corporations, alliances and coaltions. And if you are a nice buddy then you like to share a killmail with a friend or more. The best ship in EVE is the friendship. Good solo fights are rarely happening in an universe full of groups. That’s EVE … a teamplay oriented sandbox in a virtual space.


Hmm, Eve is about teamplay huh ?

Frankly, I lost the count the ammount of times my supposedly “buddies” ingame complained that I’d barge in on their fights too much for their convenience…

Maybe it’s more about the general player mentality in this game that’s the problem, I dont know. Not enough “nice” buddies to play with, or nice buddy enemies to play against, and instead just an ocean of arseholes.

That was my only observation.


if every person you run across is an asshole, there are 2 possibilities. either a) every single one of them, is in fact an asshole, which is statistically highly unlikely, or b) something you are doing is making them act like assholes towards you.

Given the judgmental tone of your original post, because people won’t just let you kill them the way you want them too. I’ve got a suspicion which of the two it may be.


Not quite.

My original post was about mentioning the unfortunate ocean of pricks that you have to spend much time running into in order to pick out the few gem fights and people left around.

But if you’re inclined to believe I put all of Eve population in the same boat, I’m sorry but I cant actually help.

No one is forcing them to act like assholes, it’s still a choice. You can still choose to give the enemy a Gf, or you can choose to be a dick.

Choosing the dickmove overkill option is all too common in a game like Eve, and you cant deny that, people simply overdo it, all the time, in 99.9% of engagements.

So now from my OP, explain to me what I exactly did to deserve the ECM drones treatment + 2 assault ships thrown on me ?

Screw their mothers perhaps ? :wink:


That could have technically still been one person and his alts that took you down.


Haha, yea.

GG …

This is what I mean, they didn’t act like assholes, you wanted a fight, they brought you a fight, they are under zero obligation to have that fight on your terms. You are not owed a fair fight, and you are not expected to bring one either, your decisions do not make them the assholes.

you showed up in their space, without backup, looking for a fight, they brought the fight, you got exactly what you deserved. You where not prepared for it, they won thats all.


I think lowsec got more “elite” over the years, and also balance changes make interesting solo engagements less likely nowadays.

My best times were with the Taranis and Svipul (before the final nerf) a couple of years ago. Both ships had the capability to punch above their weight at that time, and beside ganks I got many good fights, and also fights I won against all odds.

I was able to actually fund my PvP with the loot by killing mission bombers, explorers, and offgrid boosters while roaming. But this is history.

Also I remember there were a few people who honored 1:1, and also willing to ship down, you have to find and know them.

Finally, if you are not testing or polishing your space-bushido, it’s about winning the fight, and most fights are won before the first shot is fired.


We are on different frames of mind I think, you see the game as binary win or lose.

I don’t, or at least I try and find and make situations/people where that isn’t the case, and cross fingers people Im with are on the same page.

But all Ive been saying is … it’s been pretty damn hard to find, and quite possibly disheartening enough to keep me from logging in.

Inb4 “go to Sisi then”.


Oh… A T1 dessie roaming lowsec?

Better drop some caps, just to be sure.


How do you get caught by caps while roaming in destroyers?

BTW, if you want to get good fleet fights, checkout Black Rise every Monday from 19-21 ET. Check my KB for more intel. :wink:

Didn’t say anything about getting caught :smiley: . The above post is to some extent an exaggeration, to drive home the point that people are blobbing way too much, because they are afraid of some red on their KBs.

That being said, I’ve had someone drop a cap on my T1 frigate once or twice.

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Yeah, funny things happen … there was a noob gatecamp with one T1 cruiser and one battle cruiser, I was passing by … decided to return to kill it … and found a bunch of Blops including Marshals wiping the floor … LOL.

Actually I got lucky not being first … otherwise I would have been dead as well.

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Not sure how much has changed because I never PvP’d in the first place, but there are many youtube videos showing a single player versus many, and beating the odds by surviving or beating them. It just wasn’t in a Coercer.

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Probably that Naglfar nullsec roam vid, wiping the floor of 100 targets

Ye, that or a guy with actual skills + implants + highly blinged ship.

Either way he’d probably still get blobbed though…

I am a little discouraged with pvp as well.

I have started doing solo, low sec battleship roams. I have a goal of doing 5 roams with every t1 battleship. I am currently using a Hyperion in Amarr FW space. My first fight lasted a very long time. I tanked 7 or 8 ships for several minutes (maybe as long as 15 minutes) until another group of 10-12 showed up and blapped me. That is fine, I do these roams planning to die. And to be honest, that fight was the most fun I’ve had in EVE in months!

The issue was I couldn’t break the first group because of logi. Who knows what may have happened had I been able to lower the incoming dps. I also ran into logi again in my fight today. Basically, I view it as being the same as being dropped by caps, a pretty helpless feeling knowing it’s just a matter of time until enough dps shows up on grid.

What is the best way to deal with logi as a solo pvper? Do ECM drones work well on logi? Amarr FW space seems to be filled with logi, does non FW low sec have as much logi?

I am just interested in finding good fights, I could care less about a red or green KB. Any advice would be great!


Yep, if it always smells like ■■■■, try looking under your own shoe.


I’m not much for pvp, I do understand the frustration in your thread. My experience with Eve, and why I like it, is it’s like a reality check but in a game. It’s not meant to be fair. Everything from market play to pvp, has it’s intended risks.

Sorry you can’t find solid 1v1 battles, but I would be worried about the game if you did.

Make your own Corp and start bringing in like minded players, and go get ya some. Or multibox.

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