State of Gameplay

Nullsec = F1 Monkeying + Listening to nerd leaders/FCs shouting at you/eachother + dogpiling blobs.

Hisec = Scams + Ganks + CalmdownMiner + Trianglefaces/NPC targeting

Lowsec = Dogpiling blobs + boring cowards + KB conscious bores + Racist Amarr

Wormhole = cloaky + cheetos + scansigs + ganks

You are welcome.

Gameplay in eve has always sucked.


May I appropriate your stuff as it appears to be surplus to requirements?


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

/me sees the lights go on, hisses, and scurries out of the garbage can and back into the woods


Some people like to add on to what already exists, some people are disgusted by it and find their own way. The game allows us all to find our own path, it’s up to each of us to put in the effort to carve it out and enjoy it.

Good riddance


Not leaving, just stating the obvious.

What does that make you?

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masohist I guess?

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Does masochist apply outside of being kinky?


Who cares ?

Pretty accurate, doesn’t mean we aren’t having fun (of some sort) :slight_smile:

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Naughty high-sec pirate sub looking for his null-sec mommy dom. Can provide my own chastity cage:


I mean, whatever rocks your boat …

Obviously, I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.

I don’t necessarily think its the gameplay that sucks just the mentality of how pvp has evolved in EvE.

EvE is full of people that think a gank is a win and people who won’t actually try to fight anyone 1v1 unless they have some sort of complete advantage. So its more like the pvp sucks not the gameplay.

Although there are total exceptions like Jebbi who continually fights 1v1 and seems to do very good at it.

The most amusing part is when they added the 1v1 in the abyss and everyone cried it wasn’t in the spirit of EvE because they couldn’t gank the people. There seems to be a large audience that doesn’t want a fair fight ever and doesn’t care how many people that runs from the game.

Its funny the solution people will always preach is “get friends”, when in reality EvE pvp 95% of the time is he with the most friends wins, which doesn’t make for very interesting pvp.

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i think you right about that
but since you appear to dislike the game
o/ bro



Finding good 1v1 combinations or fights like 1 cruiser v 1 cruiser + 2 frigs/dessies these days takes a lot of time, and way too much.

In general everybody either runs, or waits for an overwhelming 110% win assurance from mates to engage.

Too many KB conscious and weak cretins out there also, unwilling to throw stuff in just for fun and see what happens.

I threw 3b worth of ships in one night just to make a point about dogpiling trash and KB whores, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy for giving them the content they always look for anyway …

The whole “Fly Safe” culture really screwed things up.

As opposed to “Fly Hard” culture, but that one completely died off many many years ago.
Im even wondering if it only ever existed in my head … I do recall “some” memorable engagements, since 2007, yet they all fit on ten fingers.

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why do you try to sound like an expert in pvp wen you done no pvp in eve?


you are al right , you do pvp
let me give you some advice , enlist to a militia , this way you can get money wen waiting for pvp
stay INSIDE the plex
put your dscam at 1 au, so you can bail obvious ganks
but ill tell you , sometimes is better to loose the ship and kill 2 of them , even fight 2v1 , you will be surprised how many people think joining with a friend is insta win just to die together

Captura de Tela 2020-06-27 Ă s 12.05.42
btw best corp nave ever the amarr mind is full of light


Two Maidens One Chalice?

I wish I hadn’t; off to eyebleach I go