Good job on the new gameplay trailer

Good job to whoever made the new gameplay trailer. I’ve been a little negative towards CCP in some of my latest posts, so I suppose it’s only fair to acknowledge when someone does a good job. Keep it up!

By the way, remember to change out the old one on the main website.


Now that’s a good trailer! Well done.

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Is it? It shows a Claw that no one uses anymore. They cleverly always hide the UI when they show tidi. They show a Rorqual in high sec. They keep showing the crappy beta map trainwreck.

Redeeming values: They mention that skill training is passive. That should shut up these stupid instant-gratification morons. The word “almost” in “players are responsible for building almost all things in EVE” is also an important bit, considering that CCP keeps adding things that are not player produced.

Mixed bag all in all.


How? Passive training doesn’t give addicts the needed fix, which is why they rather grind for XP like slaves.

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It does not, but CCP itself finally names the advantages of the system that so many IGM regularly bemoan. That’s what I mean with shutting them up.

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Ah, I get it. I, too, once thought that having things visible for everyone to read/watch/learn actually would help. Like, I enjoyed the fact that there’s a FAQ pointing out what this game is about. I seriously underestimated the hate and ignorance of intolerant people.

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I think its more so that people don’t install, then realise this, then uninstall, now they can’t say they weren’t warned :stuck_out_tongue:

Felt as though it was missing a certain harshness.

Whilst the ‘relative’ safety of hi-sec was emphasised and there was a momentary mention of piracy. There wasn’t much in the way of freedom to spy, steal, destroy, etc. Or the: Some players build sand castles. Some players knock sandcastles over.

Maybe the gameplay trailer isn’t the right place to put that kinda stuff.

Well done video, and thank you for linking it!

As you say, we are quick to whack CCP over the head when they stumble… but let’s not forget just how big, bad and gorgeous New Eden is. I think the talent at CCP really shines through when they do up a good video (even when it’s their Permaband music vids, or perhaps especially then).

That said, a couple small quibbles with the trailer:

  • It’s misleading to state that “a new player can focus on one area to quickly become equal with a veteran” (or words to that effect)
  • Also misleading to use the phrase “if you decide to change path you can re-invent yourself”, which sounds like some sort of re-roll/re-spec thing. Whereas what they mean is “You keep all the old stuff you did before, and start a completely new slog towards whatever goal you currently have”.
  • The overall pacing is a bit too “ST:TMP”-like; grand, slow images with majestic music fading into the next grand, slow sequence. Even the battles look slow paced. Needs a bit of oomph to get your pulse up, at least towards the end.

love it :slight_smile: very nice CCP :medal_military:

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Pretty cool, I don’t think some of the minor inconsistencies matter.

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Not a word about bumping or capital ships supremacy.


good job CCP.


You don’t think those topics are a little much for a gameplay introduction?

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*results **may vary.


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A good trailer from in game footage. This trailer is much more cheaper than any rendered one and shows how the game looks like at max graphic quality very well. Compared to other space ship games, EVE looks very good at close camera ranges and the game have a lot of options to improve it even.

By far the firsrt trailer which shows the mechanics, about what is this game, and, obviously, in 6 mins it can’t be presented all game possibilities.

Solid. Yet six minutes does not match the behavioural psychology required to pull people in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great (marketing) video, but it should not stand on its own. It’s too long for that. It would be served incredibly well by a selection of trigger paths, based on life/escape analogies which lead to this video as a demonstration of what to expect from immersion, and another which provides captures word of mouth / short storytelling / virtual life analogies. Not the same format as done before, short, microtargeted, analogue to.

@CCP_Falcon Also, seriously, you should hook up with Sir David Attenborough’s agent through the Butterfly Conservation Organisation and invite him to engage in a documentary of the capsuleer and his tribe in his natural habitat. Did you know he’s remarkably well read in science fiction literature? Took us by surprise after panel discussions last week, after his speech at his WEF Crystal Award ceremony.

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I would like to see that documentary, but about CCP. :joy:

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It’s ■■■■,I wanted triglavian cinematic stuff

That was incredibly boring to watch and listen to, didn’t even make it through.