New Recruit Friends, Get Rewards trailer

Really? The gang he forms attacks a miner after he got obliterated in a gate camp? Is this supposed to tell us something? Maybe that gankers are pussies who went for the softest targets because they cannot fight something else? Is this supposed to tell people to go 10 steps back when you don’t succeed with strong targets and first build your stamina with shooting at plush toys? Would be very much EVE like, that’s for sure. Totally speculating and totally genuine question. :innocent:

Would be nice if you could tell us something! but what you have in your head did not translate to what your audience can understand in what you posted!

Watch the trailer.

I would if there was one posted!

It’s in the launcher among the ads.

Like I said what you posted from your head didn’t make it into translation or made sense.
Try pointing to something if you are trying to get people to do something otherwise like me they can’t be bothered.

That trailer should put the final nail in the coffin of the “Is EVE a primarily PvE or PvP game” debate…

As a side note, I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard an FC ever say “Venture is primary” LOLOLOL

Hardly. Facts don’t matter to those people. Least of all facts that disprove their beliefs.

Now you heard it from CCP directly. :ok_hand:

It was a lighthearted recruiting video. I like it.

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Looking at the oh-so-serious responses here and on Youtube, I’m guessing the humour in this video went over the heads of certain people from a certain country, including OP. Not that I’d wish to culturally stereotype.

On one hand CCP has put together a well produced recruitment video for the uninitiated; and on the other it’s trolling existing players: hi-sec carebear spreadsheet masters, Goons who think they’re introducing ‘emergent’ gameplay, ‘thrill-seeking’ freighter bumpers, and of course ‘hardcore’ CODE-types tackling those really tough targets.

For that reason I really enjoyed it.
PS. Where does one acquire those ship models?


Guess you just missed the whole humour of the thing. From the “perfect fit” with a cloak on a Rifter to the “primary is the Venture” and then being dropped by Ravens instead of Titans… and the smartest joke of all, the “spreadsheet champion” who is a boss in a VR office while sitting in his disastrous ktichen.

It’s a spoof, it gives a sense of EVE (there’s always someone bigger, smarter, older or with more friends than you) and sells the product: EVE’s new recruiting program.

Quite good IMHO.


OK, I thought the trailer was cute and really amusing.

And I completely agree with @Ilany’s and @Yiole_Gionglao’s take on this.


“Venture Is Primary” is going to be the name of the new Emo band I’m going to form so we can be depressed and sulky when The Man shuts us down for playing the same two out of tune power chords too late at night in somebody’s parents’ garage in the suburbs :rofl:


“What The Hell, Jim!” can be the title track of your first album…

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Someone please link me the lossmail that made this guy continuously whine about gankers for what … months? is it years?

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Now I’ve watched the video. It’s good! Nice!

The trailer is clearly meant to be comedic in nature, and the central theme appears to be, “no matter how bad you are at EVE, it’s always better with friends,” which is a true sentiment, one that I’m sure many people who have friends would attest to. There’s even a little self-deprecation in there about EVE being a ‘spreadsheet simulator’.


Jewish humour is amazing, but hard to understand if you don’t dig into it as an outsider.

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Don’t be so bitter man, it’s just a little funny trailer with some clever and kind humour.

It’s just a game, right? Game about ganking and other shenanigans. Taking it too seriously and being bitter about it is not good for you or anyone reading the unnecessary stuff you just wrote.


I’m not bitter. As said, it’s very representative of how EVE really is. I fully agree with others who said it’s a representation of what EVE is really about.