New Recruit Friends, Get Rewards trailer

Yeah. What’s wrong then?

Are you complaining that CCP released a trailer that shows what EVE really is? I’m puzzled…


Nope. I am just amused that they put gankers (or any wannabe PVPer) in such a funny light with the narrative. :smile:


I’m not really sure what you’re on about, but everyone knows it’s the Aussies, not the Jews, who are the masters of self-deprecation.

We are, after all, the only people in the world brave enough to admit we lost a war with emus :rofl:


this “humour” ad pretty much step themselves on the foot.

Why? I think it’s pretty clever. What’s wrong with it?

I dunno vid seems accurate.

I guess the main inaccuracy of this trailer is that rewards were actually lowered recently.

Wow. You missed it all. How is that even possible?

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…my sarcasm-o-meter just suffered a nuclear meltdown… :rofl:

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Just watch what new recruits wil have to endure by default:

They made such a stupid change to transparency. its more messy UI design than that game deserves.

The troubling thing there is that people actually seem to like this distracting transparency in every menu.

Wel, it certainly invites to EXPLORE and CUSTOMIZE the game! it’s a very useful lesson! UI usable from the start are not for real EVE players!

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