Miner killers problem

Hello all,

I played for years, stopped in 2013, and got back just few weeks ago.

I see much less players, I see some new stuff, but there is some bad stuff too.

First day I started mining with Venture in a HS system, ship came to 1km from me and opened fire.
Killed my Venture, killed my pod, killed me - player I dont know

In a sec channel opens and some players I dont know demand 10M ISK to let me mine.
They say they are officers of the law.
That I need permit for mining.

Since I had few B on my other chars I paid.
Put ‘‘certificate’’ on my BIO and went mining again

Now, I mine ore, that is fun to me, and since I have too much action in RL, I want to just mine ore in a game. My killboard is 0, for so many years I played just PVE in EVE.

But, as you can understand, I got killed again and some ‘‘officer’’ told me I must warp out when I see them.
Third time I warped, but - they scrambled my warp.
So I guess this is just bullying. And CCP has no problem with it.

GM told me that is way some people play.
Than I saw that all point of this is killboard.

That is way I call CCP and Devs and GMs to make (like in so many other games) PVE sectors or PVE something that players who want to play just PVE can do just that.

That is not hard to implement and you will see that 90% of players will like it.


You have Singularity server.

[ ] Please consider this ticket solved.

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Hello all,

For years I have been playing Team Fortress 2.

I enjoy just building dispensers and teleporters as Engineer, I don’t care much about the shooting.

People just won’t let me build dispensers in peace and keep shooting me. Why do they do this?

I tried to build a sentry to defend against people killing my stuff, but some spy comes around, saps it, back stabs me and then kills my dispenser again!

I guess this is just bullying. And Valve has no problem with it.

Okay, now for real. You may not know Team Fortress 2 (even though it is a classic I can only recommend), but it’s a shooting game where the intention is to win by killing the other team. One player, me, then wants to play their own solo game within the actual game and demands unrealistic things from the rest of the playerbase and the creator of the game because I completely misinterpreted the goal of the game: to shoot players to win.

You may or may not know TF2, but in EVE there’s something similar: EVE is NOT A SOLO MINING GAME. It’s a universe you share with all other players. If people kill you, you messed up. Fight back, or make sure they waste their time trying to chase you. Do whatever you like, but stop pretending this is a solo game.



I’ve been playing PlanetSide 2. I love the scenery and the fact that you can run around everywhere.
It’s a huge world actually and it’s really damn good looking.

I don’t care much for the PvP. Everyone is shooting each other. Every single time in fact I have to spend a significant portion of my playing time getting away from all these people shooting and then some guy STILL manages to find me and shoot me.

Occasionally I get to wander around for half an hour until there’s someone who’s trying to kill me.
They just don’t leave me alone. I’m even trying to run away, but it’s no use.

I’ve reported people for this and support just said that’s “how this game is being played”.

I guess they don’t care about players bullying those who don’t want to murder?


You forgot to call them ‘terrorists’…


8/10, fun to read, would read again. Should I tell you how once a CODE. agent wanted convince me leaving the carebear path of life?

The reality of EVE is, now, and has been for some years, that the act of undocking means that you, in effect, consent to non-consensual PvP.

There are things that you can do to mitigate the risk: check local, always fly a ship that you tank up to the gills, be hyperaware of who is around you near you and in the system that you’re in. Ultimately however there is nothing you can do to stop it completely, it’s just a fact of the game.

Hell, I’ve been playing for over a decade and the other night I lost a Skiff.

While I feel a bit dumb for letting him sneak up on me, there’s little shame that I feel. He was in a bloody Tengu for God’s sake.

A Strategic Cruiser against an unarmed mining ship? Ho hum.

Easy come, easy go. It’s just life. Or rather EVE. You just have to let it go.

The guys you’ve met are CODE, or CODE wannabes. Depending on your point of view, they’re either lowlife Mafia’esk extortionists, ganking superheroes or possibly something in-between.

As to whether their behaviour is bullying or not, that’s a complicated one. I’m fairly certain I know what I think about it but that doesn’t necessarily make my personal view any more ‘true’ than an opposing view. And the vastness of EVE means on this issue, like some many others, there are almost as many views as there are people.

One thing that is worth doing if you intend to mine, is flying a properly tanked mining ship. This won’t necessarily make you invulnerable, but it will aid your survival in the hostile vacuum of space.

Lastly, and please forgive me if I’m wrong, I’m taking from your use of grammar that English might not be your first language.

If it’s not, then it might be worth seeking out people who speak the same language as you because they’ll be able to bring you up to speed on the best way to survive and thrive (in whatever language you speak) better than I can in rudimentary English.


CODE is a movement that seeks to bring some kind of order to craven, despoiled highsec. These swarms of new players undock and they are like loggers at a virgin old growth forest - they want to start their chainsaws and mow everything down to make themselves rich.

CODE is there to educate them that Eve is not that kind of game.

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Literally LMAO. A ‘movement’? Really?! Get over yourself already …



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What would the Fremen think of you flying around in a skiff?

Hello all,

I have bean a rock for years.

I enjoy be rock. But capsuleers killing me always. I respawn, and I dye again.
Them talk about what they do with my corpse. Them say they are backbone of game.

Now, I be rock. Being rock is good life for me. I just want to be rock in piece.

Capsuleers told me this is the nature of the universe.

That is way I call on universe to make my belt like most of universe -devoid of sentence life so that rock can be rock.

You will see that 90% of rocks will like it.


All jokes aside, this is a PvP centric game. You can just do PvE if you want, but you have to practice proper risk management strategies if you hope to be more than food for wolves. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. But don’t expect to get very far with asking CCP to turn this into a PvE game.


  • In order to mitigate damage, ventures should always be orbiting a rock with their prop mod on.
  • Properly tanked procurers are not cost effective to gank, and are usually left alone.
  • Give gankers bad standings, and keep an eye on local. If you don’t dock up, you should at least be prepared to warp if needed.
  • Mine in quieter systems with less traffic (gankers get around, but they spend more time where there is plenty of prey).
  • Join a mining group. They’re social, they’ll give boosts, and more people in fleet means a greater chance of someone spotting trouble.

I think they’d be fine with it.

The wealth of the desert planet Arrakis (also known as Dune) lies entirely in the extraction of the all-important spice melange its and supply to the greater universe.

In a similar way, the economic foundations of EVE lie in the extraction of ore from asteroid belts, its processing and industrial exploitation into products.

Paul Atreides (as I’m sure you know) becomes the leader of the Fremen and then leads a guerrilla campaign of resistance against the crushing Harkonnen rule.

In EVE, I’m a pilot who has rejected the oppression of CODE rule over high security space and I stand by my principles that miners should be freed from the yoke of paying an effective tithe to aggressive pilots simply to play in the way that they wish to.

In a similar way to the Fremen, I grew up, at least for some of my life, in a desert in the Middle East. I grew to respect the people who live there (the Bedouin, on whom Herbert based Fremen culture, in part) and to love the harsh beauty of the environment.

The way I’ve written my name in EVE is intended to be respectful of the way gutturals are pronounced in Arabic (hence Mu’ad Diib phonetically becomes Mu äüd Deeb) and I utterly love the tenacious and tough Jerboa which is widely believed to be the type of mouse referenced in Dune.

I treat all pilots with the reverence that I accord to myself. This is the bond of water and the rite. A man’s flesh is his own; the water belongs to the tribe. Praise be to Shai-Hulud.

All in all, I think I’m very respectful of Fremen culture.


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Remarkable. I think you have your philosophy entirely backward.

You should gank some highsec miners and chat them up before you decide if they are Harkonnens or Fremen.

Very salient and good advice. I’d advise you to take these point on board @Bromazepam.


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A person writing this doesn’t I think, truly understand the co-operative and egalitarian culture of the desert. I mean this not in a patronising way and neither as an an insult or a plaudit, but simply a statement of fact.

Fremen don’t gank other Fremen.


If you don’t ‘get’ this then I’m not sure that I can really help you. It’s a cultural thing, apparently.


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Holy ■■■■ I almost spat out my coffee reading this. :smiley:

That was your mistake.

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Oriki, pointing someone on a test server is rude…