Keeping PvE players in EVE

Player Background (first post, never used forums when eve was subscription only)

Returned to eve after unsubing many years ago. Played mostly mimitar. Never got into the PvP content nor went into null sec. Got only so far as the destroyer, thrasher in ships. Planetary interactions were not in the game and CCP was its own company.

I cannot honestly remember why I left eve online, maybe because I didn’t have the time to afford the subscription service? I was also playing more planetside 1, prior BFRs patch.

First and foremost, PvP in EVE online is unique compared to a lot of MMO;s out on the market. It is an important part of the EVE gameplay and history. It should never leave EVE and if more people want PvE only content another server should be hosted by CCP. It is not a good idea to take enjoyment people have from PvP because I am, or other people are a focus PvE playstyle.

It is very important to me that everyone reading the post keep this context in mind. Again, It is not a good idea to take enjoyment people have from PvP (or any content people are enjoying) because I am, or other people are a focus PvE playstyle.

An example of why a PvE player might leave EVE early…

So I buy a battlecruiser that is 200+ Mill ISK. Their is not a lot of them around, so the PvP players in a corp, rightfully so, could camp the jumpgate to track and destroy the cruiser. They could also ransom the pilot for the cruiser. They would get good salvage for this in the process too. This is a valid gameplay mechanic and it is right in eve. This also though make the PvE player not want to return to eve because suddenly they lost their rare BC (battlecruiser) to other pilots and the larger corp or fleet. The common response would be, “Join a Corp”, but that does not help everyone working 2 jobs in the real world or working most of their time. Most people that have a busy life, with work and other real life responsibilities don’t have time to be part of a large corp. The BC object lost can be replaced by another object of the same value.

To summerize…

This again is fine in EVE, but if EVE wants to keep PvE centric players in the game, it needs to have a different server that is only PvE. This prevents situations like the one mentioned above from happening, as long as the player knows what PvE hostiles are in the area. If it were me, and they told me each server cost $10 USD, I would just pay for the PvE server access and be fine, as long as my PvP characters were transferred over. IF anyone wants to keep playing the PvP server put it at the same Price $10. Then they could do a combo deal for $18 for both PvP and PvE server access.

This post if not to say PvP is better than PvE or PvE is better than PvP. It is only mean’t to illustrate a point in EVE, a mechanic that PvE player will end up leaving because of it. PvP pilots belong in EVE with its long history of PvP, just make a different server for people that are PvE focused. Instead of balancing the game for PvE and PvP, it could be specialized for both (per server), which is a Win, Win for everyone, PvP pilots and PvE pilots.

Thank you for reading…

… didn’t another game already do this, and died as a result?


I honestly don’t know. EVE is in a situation all its own though. Spreadsheets in space.

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No need to even respond here. Just let this thread die a quick death.


They don’t. It is fundamentally opposite to what eve is meant to be.

The risk/reward system and real player driven market MUST have pvp risk in order to work. Without that, there is no eve.

That’s not to say you must pvp. But in order for eve to work you must be exposed to pvp.

What you are asking for is something not eve. Try eve echoes.


Pve’ers and pvp’ers need to be on the same server we have symbiotic relationship we split the play styles then Eve will definitely die.


Good points. splitting the playerbase is a risky situation and related the player economy EVE is uniquely its own. I know elite dangerous has a somewhat player economy, but I do not want to compare that to eve, since my understanding of them both is a basic level. Tried doing the industry skills in eve online many years ago, don’t know if it has changed much from what is was (UI and related).

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PVE players are the richest players in eve
you can make 1 bil a day making abyssal , some events , exploration
and I’m not even counting null sec ratting or mining
i happen to have top of the line PVE player that are my IRL friends
im not taking that number out my arse
and btw they lose few ships a year , the isk is irrelevant to them
if you think PVE in eve is to hard or unfair you need to git gud at PVE



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At that point the distinction between bot and human player vanishes lol. Not good when you have botting issues to start off with.

No empire pvp? 2 chars on 2 accounts ready to drop in auto target missile boats and spam that for days. make em cap stable with decent tank and fire away. I’d probably do 2 tengu. Or rapid heavy BS’.

Time to take the daily walk for 45 minutes? Cool its a massive single room kill fest! Land, orbit in a cap stable tanky boat…leave house to go on walk route.

Oh its the weekend grocery run. Set up 2 chars in a nice mission room, missiles fly and…lets got to the commissary.

See if done when I come back an hour or so later.

Pvp keeps players honest. Need to watch the local, need to watch the mission area. Need to hit d -scan once in while. Going to my above example you can afk auto missile now. Area depending that is how you come to back to pod or even ye old pod express to a station wake up.

Also markets die. If empire ships ain’t dying…at some point there is less need for minerals.

Or to make things from them. Crane makers don’t make alot of money off me. I’ve not lost many. the few I’ve lost in several years of playing I took the loss. Saw what I did wrong. And don’t repeat that mistake again. So I am not a frequent buyer on the hauler char.

Crane makers do make money from the people who make these slow as hell bricks off the gate to be targeted and alpha’d in pvp. Inb4 well the gankers made money off this bad game mechanic. Not gonna argue that. Its part of the game, just how it is. Accept or move on.

I will argue somewhere out there some noob in a venture made a few isk as some of their nooby noob trit mined went into the making of a crane. To replace a crane lost to a uedama ganker.

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Please look up “judgement of Solomon” at wikipedia.

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Abyssal Deadspace. Piracy bussiness and Hunters playing style will die if PVE will be separated. So your suggesting a major overhaul in this game mechanics. Eve mechanics is different playing style in a single server.

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