CCP. Here is how to start healing EVE

  1. lower the price back down.

  2. Content content content.

A. Remove the added gas items from manufacturing, Increase base mineral cost for capitals periodically instead. We get that they were too cheap, We don’t like the extra hassle.

B. New ships Every month. It doesn’t matter if they are statistically the same. We are playing a spaceship game and we want more immersion. It also starts to play into the World of warships and Destiny’s model of “collect it all” Which attracts and keeps players.

C. Find a way to link account hangers. Even if it’s only in 1-3 stations per paying player. Again, EVE is hard but no one likes extra hassle.

D. Focus on the 10-300 person fights. Yes EVE has a rep for thousand-man battles. but the truth is they are not fun, more of a spectacle for the news, and in reality are TIDI fests that do not represent the most common PVP in EVE or even come close to being a good space sim. To do this we need better environments that offer more tactics. Asteroids that break locks behind them and prevent warps from that direction as example.

D.1. more tactical equipment: Statis web bubbles, More flavors of scan inhibitors. Deployable local chat inhibits that hide pilot from local. deployable sensor booster, Deployable ecm bubbles. Stuff that makes fights more random that, warp in, follow FC target calls until on side is dead.

E, Add cynos to more ships. The balance for cyno drops has swung too far. Removing them from frigs and cheap cruisers was great. And taking steps to kill AFK camping is also great. But now the mechanic is too diluted that seeing one of the few cyno ships just leads to everyone docking and getting safe. All faction + t2 cruisers up should be able to fit a cyno. Alternatively, Cyno beacons should have their deployment time reduced by 50%.

F. Add hacker deployable that allows hacking of jump bridges. Allowing us to exploit hostile networks. They last a hour or until destroyed and make that bridge usable for deployers alliance. Again makes the landscape of pvp more tactical.

G. give any inactive account of more than a year a 6 months sub for the price of 3 offer

H. Link all skins across accounts. maybe via a webportal function of some type. Again adds the “collect it all” gameplay back to EVE. And attracts players who do like that.

I. Walking in stations lite. Add walking-in stations to JITA, Empire capitals, and Alliance Capital keepstars. This should result in a happy medium, Increase immersion, and give opportunities for some unique side content. Not my thing but a lot of people wanted it and well yea. By now the wasted years CCP have had. It should be here.

J. Rvamp PI. At least make preloaded setups library to reduce clicking. It’s basically a tedious part of EVE everyone knows they should do. But won’t because it’s so tedious. It creates a bitterness that there is a part of the game we know we should play but is so bad we won’t.

K. Better NPC content. For example. Actual NPC flying around doing stuff to make eve look alive.
INCREASE Immersion. Go for a mission from an agent? Maybe he is out and you need to go find him in space this time.
NPC that rocks up the mid-fleet fight and really sticks a wrench in the works. Npc giving some random abuse in local.

L. Its 2022, Local load times and scanner range and reliability should be related to the ship you fly. For example, Battleships should both load local and pick up new people local faster because of the extra hardware on board. Then you can add rolls to certain ships that bonus delayed local appearance by 1-2 seconds or vice verse pick up new local threats 1-2 seconds faster. Let us say the base local load delay for a cruiser hull is 10 seconds, battleship 8, and frig 12. Frigs have a base 8 au scanner, cruisers 15, and battleships 25. and base scanner reliability should be like 80% skill s raise to 90% then ship stats + or - it. Drone ships have the worst Local and scanners as the drone control equipment seriously messes with both. While also makes you appear in local much faster to anyone jumping into your system.


So you basically want to turn EVE into World Of Warships with CCP cranking out new ships every month just for the sake of having new ships, and collecting them like Pokemon. No thanks.

Walking in stations is NEVER going to happen. The short amount of time it was around is just because it was being used as a test engine for another game that was never produced.


What I want is a game that wil be around in 10 years. That’s an immersive SCIFI experience and appeals to more than the dwindling die-hard muppets. Who are apparently as out of touch as CCP.

  1. maybe not for you, but there is a large playerbase out there that would. And not exactly, but yea lift some of that vibe. There are people who want it.

  2. Never really got it myself. But yea, the fact it comes up over and over. Clearly, there are a lot who want it.

This is no longer about EVE as it was, but about keeping it alive and relevant.


The current generation of “gotta-have-it-now” “press button, receive bacon” play-for-free types aren’t who keeps the servers running. You can thank us die-hard muppets for that.

Much like the companies who have tried going “woke” and suffered the consequences have found out, you don’t alienate your primary customer base to cater to the 1%…


You don’t change what works. Unlike World Of Warcraft or similar games, EVE is a niche game and has never had a massive player base, yet it continues to be one of the longest running MMO’s in history…

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Can’t say I agree with all the suggestions but a couple of them have merit.

Have a like for at least thinking of moving forward instead of being one of the dull sticks that’s hung up on “go back to EVE of 2009” as the only possible improvement.


Might I suggest Elite Dangerous.

You may find it more “immersive” (whatever that subjective term means) than EvE.

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See that’s the thing. I’ve not really taken anything away from the current game. All I’ve done is added value. Which is what you do as a company with a product in its maturity cycle.


“Value” is subjective.

Saying “yes” to something means saying “no” to something else.

How do you propose CCP pays their development team to create all this new content (while maintaining what they already have) without a price increase? Software engineers have to eat as well?

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Having skins be shared account-wide would kill the skin market because you would no longer have to purchase skins for each toon.

Having shared hangars would be abused, as everyone would make their primary hangar Jita, then set up their other two hangars far away from Jita and use it to instantly transfer high value items to Jita for sale, thus avoiding having to risk being ganked by travelling there.

As far as lowering the price goes, if an extra $5 a month is going to kill you, then there are probably better things you need to be doing with your life than playing online video games…


You want a lot. I am going to respond to two items

  1. Ships: So far every ship added filled a niche role or is part of a story whether it was the Porpoise to dive into shattered holes or Command Destroyers for small gang boosts ships were created with specific purpose. Storied ships like Sanshas Nation or Triglavian came with backstories, short events and long term events. With the exception of faction balance across the 4 main races ships have always been made to create meaningful additions and content.

  2. Walking in stations. EvE tried this once. The Captains closet was about as far as it got. This would require re-scaling nearly all of New Eden to get proper proportion and scale for both ships and avatars. Either that or instancing to a separate environment for the Avatars. Either way its a mass undertaking requiring a lot of resources CCP/PA does not appear to want to commit.

If you want to walk in stations CIG has Star Citizen where you can walk in stations, shop and interact other players. Depending on how big your ship is, you can walk around in it too.
Here is a 1 minute tour of an SC station.

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Right !? :roll_eyes:

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So to quickly address my most favored points OP. Despite the numerous threads like this.

Love a new PI don’t know what PI should be changed but it can be better.

Are you drawing from Elite Dangerous? They have NPCs they fly around and do things. I see what you mean by this.

Yah EVE loses those immersion points. I think CCP is working towards better immersion with upcoming hanger changes. They recently have pushed many graphics and audio changes. All takes a lot of work and time.

Nope this is actually a separate thread has been discussed it will never happen in my humble opinion. CCP won’t reduce the amount of skins people buy.

Just addressed some of your points

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or simply make the game , look like ( gameplay wise ) to the trailers .
More adventures, discoveries ,give people reasons to explore, to fight more


Oof. I guess game balance is foreign to you :smiley:

And FOMO is a trash gaming concept.

That sounds terrible LOL.

Oof. Big no LOL.

No one cares about station walking LOL.

Just go play D2 and run around the tower.

Oh god no. I don’t wanna fly around hunting down an agent just to turn a mission in. Just RP that for yourself plzthankee.

EVE’s been around for almost 20 LOL.


The VERY fact, it has been around for almost 2 decades is pretty cool…

Sadly though, it feels dated compared to many titles out there currently.

If CCP can reverse the spiralling playerbase, bring the game upto date, and once again, make it worth logging in then it may have a chance.

As it is… Currently … It’s just not worthIT.


Why? Why wouldnt you want a new version written from the ground up by then?

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Some more limited edion ships bpc drops would b cool. For more a collection thing. Does not have to b mega bonused but a subtle change eg a stabber with a 10 percent sig reduction etc. Nothing that really changes the world. But a cool thing to collect etc

Ok so that is a thumbs down from you.