Please Fix Eve

1 - Input is VERY welcome; I know my opinion is not the only or best opinion concerning the health of this game. I also know how important this game to many of the players.

2 - Yes, this is a new account and email.

3 - Your hate fuels me.

^^^ This reddit post got a lot of attention, and for good reason. In my mind it gets summarized in a couple of different ways.

First, people are going to complain no matter what happens, what changes, what doesn’t change. People are gonna ■■■■■ and complain.

Second, I think there are too many big ships in this game. Let your hate flow, I do not care.

Mining - It seems like there is too much minerals being mined at a given time. Here’s my fixes for this:

  1. Bring back Scarcity.

  2. The Mining Command Ships - The Porpoise, Orca and Rorqual should ONLY provide support. Have all three get bonuses to command bursts based on their size.

  3. Get rid of mining drones.

  4. Reduce mining yields across the board.

The resource harvest needs to slow down.

Capital Proliferation - There are just too many caps out there. These things used to be a goal to strive for within a group, now they are freaking everywhere. Get rid of them. Here’s how:

  1. Dreads and carriers become marauders. CCP can wave a wand and make it so.

2)Titans and Super-Carriers become Dreads and Carriers. This would be a drastic arms reduction.

  1. Make all capitals MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE!


  1. Nerf the living Jesus out of all capitals, and then make them MUCH more expensive

  2. Give us T2 versions that would essentially be what the T1s were, and make them REALLY EFFING EXPENSIVE.

Other Stuff -

  1. Eve is entirely too big for the player base. You could probably get rid of half the systems and folks would still be stretched thin.

  2. Get rid of the Dynamic Bounty System. The reserve bank can stay as a way to encourage pvp, but don’t take money from the ratters to do it.

  3. Instanced play - Some people hate this, some don’t. I don’t actually care. Getting ganked isn’t the only way to lose ships in this game.

  4. PLEX - Jesus do I hate PLEX. CCP, just sell ISK and SKINs for cash. Done. Make all the good SKINs be cash only, and the mediocre one be drops in special events.

Skill Point Farming) Get rid of injectors or make them account/email bound.

Brothers, sisters, capsuleers. Feedback is welcome. The only way CCP will address anything is by hearing our voices.

Again, let your hate flow. To me it’s all salt, and salt mining is best mining.


Here it is, another fix/save EVE redditor…

Yawn… they are all enlightened of course we have to read their bibble about how to save EVE

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I think this poster may be using irony. It doesn’t seem at all serious.


I don’t read them anymore

Makes for good comedy.
I like his name too, Very Concerned. How original.


Don’t know why you hate mining so much but as far as I’m concerned, no to all of the above.

Scarcity didn’t promote playerbase growth, all it did was drive players away from the game. Reducing yield is basically the same as scarcity, nobody wants to spend hours and hours mining just to get one cargohold of Ore.

Also you’re forgetting about the Waste factor that CCP implemented, that change alone is basically the same as scarcity which seriously needs to be removed.

Mining Drones are slow and don’t add a lot to the yield, if anything they need to be buffed.

Yeah, that’s what happens when players have been in the game for a long time, it’s called being prepared. It’s better to have too much than not enough.

Basically it’s the 5 P’s = Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

No, space is suppose to be vast and endless, there’s a reason space is called the void. Reducing the amount of systems would make this game seem like a fish bowl which would then remove the immersion factor, drive even more players away and ultimately kill the game.

No, PLEX is an integral part of this game. It’s very versatile for purchasing various things such as game time, character enhancements, apparel, skins, etc, as well as being sold for ISK to help boost wallet after major set back or spending spree.

Skillpoint farming is definitely something of a problem. It cheapens the value of skillpoints and can turn a 4 day old character into a Titan pilot (anyone remember Iron Bank character?)

If anything CCP should make the Extractors/Injectors be the way they were originally proposed, mainly to re-skill your character. The original proposal was to have the ability to remove SP’s and re-allocate them to other skills within your character.

Speaking of selling Skillpoints, CCP once said they would never outright sell skillpoints but would at various times give them out as a log-in reward for special events. They also said they wouldn’t include them as reward in Daily Tasks.

Obviously CCP lied about that and quite frankly, I don’t believe anything they say now.

Basically now it’s all about being like what Hilmar said during the infamous 2011 Summer Of Rage = “Watch what they do, not what they say.”


Remember guys, the game was at it’s height when

  1. You could WarDec any corp regardless of structure nonsense.
  2. Suicide ganking barges could be done solo, with a single account.
  3. FW income was the best outside of Null and WH.
  4. Basic caps were rare and aspirational.
  5. We didn’t have tons of Rorqual/FAX alts.
  6. Super umbrellas were not a thing.
  7. We didn’t have instanced PvE
  8. There were no skill injectors

But remember guys, these changes were necessary to retain players…


The top ranked post in the reddit convo makes a solid case - and reveals just how totally out of touch CCP is with anything resembling “good game design” or “playerbase awareness”. It’s informative, accurate, and interesting.

Sadly, other than linking the reddit post, your OP lacks all these features.

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