THE reddit suggestion post the devs need to see

Please ccp, read this


… and please ignore most of it.


wow so much entitlement in that post…

No, go the â– â– â– â–  away.

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Yeah i want my click back.

At best i can support low power citadels having no damage cap, would make sense. Beyond that it would walk back virtually every balance pass over the last year and a half from the looks of it.

Who would have thought that EVE subreddit would become more cancer than eve forums…

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Interesting that we (the redditors) considered the sub to be cancer yet the reddit community is wildly supporting this (and we don’t ever agree on ANYTHING).

Didn’t expect this response on the forums. Not that it matters as the eve sub is 1000x more active than the official forum.


Well thought post.
I dont agree with putting null in the center of the map though.

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Found the bitter Supercap owners…


Megathreads are pointless. Discussion of them becomes a convoluted mess. You’ll rapidly lose constructive criticism of an idea in the massive text wall that wuold result from proper feedback on each suggestion of the megathread.

Conceptually, I like some of those ideas, and dislike others.

Edit: Conceptually, I like a couple of those ideas, and dislike most of them.


Too funny, 10/10 for today!

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