Why Do We Even Have Forums?

A few hours ago someone on r/Eve (Reddit) posts about a change CCP made to the Bloody hands SKIN. Naturally the pitchforks come out, CCP literally responds instantly (within a few hours) apologizes and even manages to reverts the SKIN back to the original.

What the ■■■■? Some of us regularly post about issues on a daily basis (most more serious than the visual appearance of a SKIN), and these go months or years without any kind of CCP response (let alone timely resolution). Why do we even have these forums? Why even post here when it’s becoming crystal clear that the devs only pay attention to r/Eve?

CSM participation on the forums is also practically non-existent (and why should we be suprised when 90% of the CSM represents null-sec). It’s r/Eve for the win.
Feedback? Why bother. Unless it’s also raised on r/Eve it goes nowhere.
Bug reports? Again, what’s the point. Anything minor just gets shuffled to the back of the pile. If it’s a large enough issue on r/Eve you get a timely dev response and updates.

And last but not least, if you have a legitimate greivance your thread doesn’t get locked down on r/Eve.

  • There should be more dev interaction on the Forums, the Forum guidelines could be loosened a bit and CCP should stop participating on r/Eve.
  • The Forums are fine as they are.

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It’s a bit of a convoluted tale, but I think I can sum it up in a sentence or two.

I told CCP I would leave the game if they turn a half decent forum into a bad imitation of a company keeping their customers informed and happy. They kept up their end of the bargain, but I reneged on mine. Though I didn’t actually say when I was leaving. Just that I would leave.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


At least neither of us will be around when they turn off the lights (which at this rate, shouldn’t be more than 12-18 months away).

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It is embarrassing telling a friend to check out eve and to come to these forums.

This makes the game APPEAR DEAD.

We go hours and days between replies/posts.

Seriously just scroll down.

Other games are not like this.

They have actively and life.

These are dead.

And I don’t care about your stats or figures or graphs,

This place doesn’t pass the EYE TEST


I dunno anymore.

On the plus side I spend way less time here, as there’s only a few topics to check each time I come back.


It becomes less and less important to ever come here.

Not exactly the path to success when other games I have seen abandon their own forums for ones others moderate are doing horrible. But you saved a dollar, even if you lost a ton of customers. That’s some corporate thinking.


It’s sad because this is clearly and fundamentally case of the CCP staff preferring to go on Reddit than on the forums. If they wanted, they could easily tell people that they will be shifting their focus to the forums and that if we want to have a dialogue or even just a one-way communication to CCP that we should post in the forums.

As much as I hate to participate in this kind of thread, akin to the “EVE is dead!” threads in its gloomy nature and the number of times it gets posted, I have to agree with you that this is entirely a matter of staff choice and I can’t remember the last time a staff member other than @CCP_Falcon appeared on the forums. And even then Falcon seems to spend at least twice as much time on Reddit!

I suppose shuttering out the forums is good for CCP because I’m sure it costs money and a subreddit has the added perks of being able to leak onto the front page, as well as completely offset all liability and allow a forum to be completely unregulated, but as someone who considers traditional forums to be a highly underrated place to gather I really wish CCP would treat it at least as an equal to Reddit.


I always felt that these forums were intended to irritate,confuse, and frustrate us.

I wonder if George’s old “Mission Accomplished” banner is available.


When i started posting here the other day I was surprised by how many responses my threads got in relation to how dead the forum is. These forums are probably outdated. The people on reddit are more up to date on what’s trendy to use. Things come and go and get replaced. This forum is a outdated way to participate in the community. I know of a lot of game companies like this where developers sit around on fan made reddits, discords, twitters, etc instead of their own official website forums. They do this because these other platforms are established and people are already using them and have apps on their phones for them etc. It’s just easier to use a platform that covers multiple products rather than specifically one product. Basically you guys need to get with the times and play a real game. not a spreadsheet simulator where half the players are alts or bots.


Too bad the option to upgrade to the old forums is gone.


Ever hear of the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Bring up a legitmate grievance on the Forums and as soon as you get any traction the thread is locked down in short order. Two devs from another gaming company got fired the other day over a Twitter fiasco that went viral on Reddit. See the trend here?

Participate in an official capacity on the Forums and you get censored. Participate in an unofficial capacity on Reddit and you have the power to move worlds (or in this case, the dev and graphics team).

The login server is down… silence.
Players are griefing on Singularity… silence.
The server just disconnected me and is refusing connections… silence.
My Blood Hands SKIN looks different today… “We’ll get right on that!”

When you create a new topic it should throw up a dialog box:

Thanks for participating in the Official EVE Online Forums.
We value your input and appreciate your taking the time to post here (where we can conveniently ignore you) instead of over at r/Eve (where we would be obliged to take a closer look and possibly address your concerns).


Yup, gotta agree with the op and I blame it all on CCP.


Actually there’s a few Dev’s that still post here but only rarely. The lack of CCP interaction here is the root cause of why these forums don’t even have half of the community action the old forums had. The other top reason is due to their narrow-minded reasons for dropping the old forums and creating this Discord forum.

I have no problem with CCP employees posting on other forums, as long as it’s done in a non-official manner, meaning create their own personal accounts without using their official CCP designation.

I think the biggest issue with CCP is their constant push to be known in Social Media. Too much time and effort is wasted on that when it should be focused on taking care of the pressing issues still plaguing this game. Fixing, polishing and expanding the game will generate a lot more attention than constantly posting on Social Media platforms.

Anyway, that’s my 0.02 ISK worth of opinion on that subject.


The long story made short: ISD

I’m not sure if they still do, but CCP/ISD used to police the hell out of the forums, to pretty serious extremes. That being said there were a lot of things and people that needed policing, but nevertheless. People were mad. So they left. Reddit took over as the unofficial official eve forum, because it was out of game and people were free to speak their mind. Everyone directed all the newer players to look at reddit instead of the forums so it snowballed from there. It also contributed to snowballing of the “EVE is dead game walking” meme, which while it has been around since pretty much day one, never used to be quite so popular.

Basically, on reddit you can say whatever you want to about eve, the staff, the game, anything. Here, not so much.

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Why Do We Even Have Forums?

Ship tosting

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CCP made a tremendous mistake abandoning the previous forum.


Saving money is the reason they gave us this piece of ■■■■ forum software. CCP said so themselves. These forums make the game look dead. It’s pathetic. Also, they don’t even load all the posts, so you can’t use your browser’s native ctrl+f feature. I mean, really. This place sucks.

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It’s Ironic, a guy makes a whine post about how CCP pays more attention to reddit. The whine post is a good example of WHY CCP pays more attention to reddit…

I know forum goers don’t like to hear that, but Reddit is the better platform, and it’s not over-run by high sec crying whereas every 2nd post on General Discussion is about how CCP is so terrible to people in high sec.

Reddit has actually relevant discussions about what’s going on in the game in this decade, these forums are a constant rehash of complaints about bumping, ganking, war decs and cloaky camping , all of which were old complaints 10 years ago.

It seems to me that these forums are more just a place to vent than a place for discussion.


Nope. Not even close.

I think you should probably stay over in r/Eve because you obviously don’t even look at the page you are commenting on. Or maybe you’re just lying because you think people that are reading the forum you are complaining about will not notice.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Another example. Rather than trying to understand why this is happening, you nitpick what I posted. Why do you think CCP would even want to interreact in this kind of environment?

It’s not uncommon for people who are a part of a problem to not recognize it. I know, on the old forums I was a part of the problem. I too found myself offended when CCP would post on scrapheap and other places and not on their own forums where I wanted them to listen to me. All while ignoring the fact that if I were CCP, I wouldn’t have listened to me either…

Maybe one day you might be honest enough with yourself to do the same. I doubt it though.

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Looks like they have no grease for forums. Grease costs cash. Same as big community team.

They decided to stick with reddit, because there they cant moderate stuff and have to listen to them, probably reddi squeeking is more annoying when game issues are considered, also more people are there. As long as grease for game lasts, it will be applied by means of reddit.

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