CCPlease respond on your own forum

It’s pretty disrespectful that CCP only posts to close threads or engage in a completely off-topic discussion. Furthermore it’s pretty telling that they refuse to engage in anything about the balance or inner-workings of the game. If you try to put in a support ticket to talk to a Dev they’ll tell you they cannot speak with you via a support ticket BUT THEN you go on reddit and they’re posting everywhere.

Listen I get it CCP, you do not want to be held accountable for what you say. At this point though, everyone already knows you’re completely clueless about your own game. You’re not fooling anyone.

CCPlease respond on your own forum.




They DO.

They respond through the CSM people and players get responses through tickets as well.

Or did you decide to close your eyes every time a CSM member posted a reply in these forum ?

If you don’t like what CCP does, quit playing, it’s as simple as that. And when you quit, be honest with yourself and quit visiting the forum as well.

Also, when you do quit … Can I have your stuff? :smiley:



Never miss a chance eh, @Han_Zealot ?


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Hey, never know, can always hope someone will actually do it :wink:

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Wonder if you wrote a script to auto post “Can I have your stuff?” whenever someone mentions quitting EVE would it breach CCP’s EULA? :slight_smile:

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CSM aren’t CCP employees and don’t represent CCP.

Considering how much development in formation is shared by CCP on private discords, reddit and other not official, not even “public” sources. I say, they don’t respond on forum.


I disagree with you but we can still be friends :grinning:

LOL I wouldn’t automate that, it feels good to type it.

Well… no.

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Your loss.

I doubt about that

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Are you perhaps confusing ISD moderation activities with that of CCP?



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CCP do respond on forums?

CSM is not CCP. Although, in terms of incompetence, they could be.


Walking in with that full Karen energy right off the bat, eh? Why do you feel entitled to a direct communication from CCP devs?

Or maybe, they just don’t think you’re entitled to directly respond to a support ticket you put in so that you can cry about some game balance issue that you want addressed to feed your laziness.

This kind of attitude will DEFINITELY make them more likely to reach out and communicate with you.


I don’t think the OP wants any direct communication personally, he just doesn’t want to have to parse through reddit, discord, twitter, facebook and goodness knows how many other places looking for what CCP are putting out there.

What is the point of having forums for your players if you don’t use them?


Because the forum are

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I’m curious do DEVs or CCP read or respond to these forums?
Do ISD members respond
I’ve heard a lot say no they don’t and I’m fairly new to this

Yes, they do. CCP regularly reads the forums, and ISD moderates the forums.