CCP Refuse to answer a ticket

Not sure if this is the right place to post and I cannot give too many details, but for 3 months CCP have refused to answer a support ticket. I have asked why and got no answer. I have even written another ticket to complain formally about the customer service team but there is no reply.

Where do I go to make a formal complaint to ccp or how do i escalate this issue?

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You put in a ticket to complain about customer service?

Good luck there, CCPs customer service is legendarily bad.

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I have never ever had any bad experiences with them. Then again I also don’t want my Raven reimbursed or have ever been “hacked”.


GM’s are also humans, they make mistakes or have bad day. If you put other ticket new person will take look at it and I guess there is special team inside GM’s to handle this type of reports.

But if you fail to understand rules no one will help you. Also avoiding discussion because “EVE online GM’s are sect that only want to see how players suffer”, wont help anyone either.

I won’t go into it but lets say I have NEVER gotten worse customer service than at CCP.

Not here.

I have had excellent customer support from CCP, so it must be you; and I am not surprised.


Go to a McDonalds on the south side of chicago, let me know how you think of that service.

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If you have had excellent customer service, it is very good to hear.

I got some bottom land I want to sell you. It has a nice view too.
Just don’t look up.

Oh the USA. I cannot give an honest response as it is against forum rules to tell the truth about those living in that country.

Sounds more like your prejudice agaisnt them

Sense, you don’t make any.

Not surprised. :wink:

I know.

If you weren’t underwater, you know on that “bottom” land, you might have heard the “point” breaking the sound barrier as it was obtaining orbital velocity. :laughing:

I have put another ticket in. Ccp just refuse to answer it seems.

Ah, I see natural clonekiller sold their character.

Welcome to EvE, new NC.

Maybe you could call the e-support-police?
That aside, reading mosts posts I am not surprised they just don’t reply to a question someone asked and didin’t post here. Would it cause you to be permabanned?