You think Customer Support is Bad?

My ship went unresponsive and I safely logged off and entered a ticket. Being after midnight my time, I didn’t expect resolution until morning. 12 minutes later GM_Sultan came to my rescue and relocated my ship to a nearby station. I logged back in and everything is great.

If anyone complains about customer support, you can kiss my ***. It’s not them. Try giving them all the information they need to fix your issue the first time. They have proved to me time and time again that they are not slackers. So far, CCP Games is the best in customer support!

Thanks again GM_Sultan and CCP Games!


In my experience they always respond in a timely matter.

However our experience with them is anecdotal.

Some players have problems not easily solved and sometimes there are many players.

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I’ve had responses in minutes plenty of times. Then again, I’ve had tickets open for months.

Over all, though, I’d say CCP tends to be above the industry average for response times.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Company i’m working with prides itself as customer oriented and all this stuff. It even have certificates of very respected agencies in US for the quality of customer service. Any company all-hands meeting includes metrics for customer satisfaction.
And yet, just recently we got report from one of customers who regularly meets very bad quality of support service. “I’m already on 37th minute of call and still haven’t got to proper specialist to even discuss my issue”.
My guess is: mistakes can happen. Support tries to provide the best service they can but stuff happens. Look at overall satisfaction and not to one or two cases.

In my own experiences, CCP have always responded within hours of submitting a support ticket. I do rate them highly for the service they provide and my issues have always been sorted quickly. I know others may feel differently, but they are among the best for customer service in my opinion.

I have never filed a ticket with CCP the whole time iv’e been playing since 2008. Never needed to, I must be lucky.

I have issued a few tickets on my main over the past 12 years and every one of them except one was looked into and resolved within hours.

The one that was never resolved was due to an issue which they had no contril over.

Stuck characters have always had extremely high priority for good reason.

I have had some issues with customer service, but I have had far more positive experiences with them.
For the issues I have had; they are human, they have a set of rules they have to follow, and there are many times their hands and sometimes, such as in my case, I had a bug related issue that needed confirmation first.

I have good, and bad experiences too. Bad with the newbies (when they just repeating some copy-paste stuff, what not even related to the problem, and then close my ticket) mostly, but senior ones always restore my beliefe to CCP

I’ve played a lot of games, for a long time, and honestly… I have always been pleased with the service from CCPCS?.. not always the outcome :slight_smile: but that is hardly their problem.

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