Hideous Customer Support

It is obvious that 17 years of experience did not thought CCP customer service anything. Call it i’m going hard on them, because they deserve no better with their cheap comebacks and avoiding to provide actual answers. It feels like talking with an intern rather than an experienced person who knows what he/she doing in the company. They always give the same answers with minor tweaks, and try to be the most unhelpful person they can get. Let me summarize their replies here.

" We are sorry",
“I deeply apologise for inconvenience”,
" Thank you for your patience"
“I hope for your understanding”

Whenever i get a problem about, either i don’t get what i paid for or i can’t even play what i paid for, those sentences up top are uttered and that is it. Feels like the support you going to get from a cheap fast food resturant. I don’t really care if you guys are trying to be a big family back there but your customer service is so bad, that the only reason you people don’t hire an actual people that can solve problems and get results beucase you pity over those that can’t do his/her job but they are your “family” so you keep them around to suffocate this community till they giveup bringing problems on to your desk.

You guys are unbearable.

Umm…how many of these problems have you had?


Did you ever worked in customer support or on phone?

Replies like from bots are very annoying but necessary. Otherwise we will end up with people complaining that one worker said A and another B on same topic.

Also, listen this. There are few examples that show how ends up saying few words too much or too less in customer support.

And what Runa said: How many tickets are you making so this is a big issue?

Im sure they are deeply cut by your scathing commentry.


I’ve been a CSR for several years (phone support) and I NEVER used the terrible “hello I’m not interested in you at all” replies most of them use.

At first the company I worked for wanted me to follow their generic ways of doing things, then they discovered fairly quickly that what I did worked REALLY well (best agent of the whole group) and customers were happy and almost never had to call back. So once they just accepted that, within reason, I’m going to find my own way of doing things they actually put agents next to me for them to see how I did things and invariably those agents would go “can you speak to customers like that?” and “how can you actually have an upbeat conversation, sometimes even making jokes about the situation, with customers?”.

So it CAN be done but only if you’re genuinely interested in helping your customers. The problem is that most people are terrible, lazy and don’t give a fck, and those need the robotic stupid standardized nonsense to at least pretend they care.


Never had a single problem with customer support. Those guys are great. It has to be you.


Probably spammed 50 tickets about the DDOS issues given what they said about can’t play.

Gotta agree with Nicolai which is scary… Making a thread abusing customer support really doesn’t make it sound their fault but yours. (Yours being Ops, not Runa)


It is clear you have never tried to get any useful feedback from a Bethesda game. Honestly, these EVE guys are great.

Didn’t really need the clarification but in fairness, we could probably make a good case for everything being Runa’s fault too :crazy_face: :laughing:


Be careful, you might start to really like it.

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The last DDOS attack pushed me out to servers for about 10 days. Those who cannot connect for a long long time doesn’t effectuate the majority. Some people use VPN to bypass it but i don’t use it because it is laggy as hell. Before the last DDOS attack, i was already getting DDOSed on some occasions. For example, Trying to land on Jita with my hauler, i suddenly get dropped from game and comeback to see my wreck floating in space. Trying to catch a small fleet in our sov, i fianlly get infront of them and get upper hand, guess what ? connection failure screen again. Every time i comeup to customer support and tell them something about the server and gameplay, they apologise and never fix anything. On the last DDOS attack, they don’t even care to refund my 10 days of montly Omega time.

Would it be unduly cynical of me to suggest you just made that up ??

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Understandable yes, because most times you contact a helpdesk you get the basic robo clowns but sometimes you don’t. Also I don’t make stuff up, I worked for 3 years for an ISP doing 1st line helpdesk.

You are always sweettalking CCP regardless what they do…

Must be a reflex thing…

Or a mental illness…

Search for help.

Hideous customers get hideous customer support; having worked as CSR in the past I can safely say that if you treat a CSR like shite they’re not going to go out of their way to help you.

Conversely if you treat them like people they’ll often bend over backwards to resolve any problems you may have.


even i find myself agreeing with you, and many others who i tend to not agree with over the years… perhaps its the older i’m getting.

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Is this a troll? Why are you shitting on customer support reps for apologizing?


Don’t be a dick and complain about things you don’t even understand.

Learn what is DDoS attack and why it can’t be “fixed” https://lmgtfy.com/?q=DDoS+attack

You got your destroyed ships reimbursed? Your training queue was not stooped due to attacks?
If both answers are yes (and I guess they are), there is not much to refund and GM’s did all they can.

Pro tip for future: You can write ticket to suspend your omega time. GM will pause your omega and you can resume it just by asking for that in another ticket. This way you can “save” money in case of another inability to play.


Snap deskbro
Been on both sides

Screw these people, they are all just trolling you.

I totally get where you are coming from.

I feel your pain.

Since your leaving…

…can I has your stuff? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey man you should write them a bad yelp review! What did they say when you asked to speak with a manager?

You were literally assaulted