Customer Support Pile of *******

eve online Customer Support has got to be biggest pile of dog do do iv ever none the word support means nothing to CCP (COULDN’T CAIR PEOPLE )…!!! they dont give a flying F**** about the Customer iv put a lot of time and effort, And f****** money in to this game that goes to paying your wages. telling me there is nothing they can do, and then just fob me off tell me feel free to create new accounts and start from scratch if you are so inclined… what a bunch of A hole, I wouldn’t mind if i had anything to do with it or it was my fault i even rang CCP to talk to someone and they put the phone down on me when i was part way thought explaining to them about my problem pig ignert and total disrespect for your client…:fu::fu::fu: you need a good :leg: in the :soccer:

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May I please have your things?


what you mean my things [Ramona_McCandless]

Your stuff.

I can have?

what you want my cloth and boots and my moto bike ???

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Arent you quitting?

Its customary to ask for the stuff of people who ragequit.

i said nothing about quitting think your jumping the gun there pal lol am calling there Customer Support a bag of poo

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