Please Teach your customer support the rules of the game

It seem lately support doesnt follow universal rules on the same page at all

I just mailed community support about trolls in a Sale forums thread and they refused to take action because I am a jita scammer, way to be Biased ccp…

I am waiting on a petition that should of been opened and shut rules in my favor but ccp made errors so now I been waiting 7 days and no reply yet…

What a mess


sorry but i think thats kind of funny …

you are a jita scammer and you reported a troll?
rofl … really sorry but … it is funny
you know that most guys in EVE think the same about you

ok its not nice to wait 7 days but in the last time my reports and support stuff was solved VERY fast so it maybe that your ticket is not the kind of priority stuff to do for the support
sorry … i have to say its funny … i have tears in my eyes from laughing … its so funny

have a good one and thanks … damn … my belly hurts from laughing …

you mad my day … really …

take care and fly safe and dont do too much scamming



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You mustve really fell for an obvious scam at some point.

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well ccp falcon replied said rules were actually outdated and Refused to remove the trolls from my sales thread.

Further more the once Stickied rules thread is gone.

Love to see CCP covering there tracks after being biassed as usual :slight_smile:

The stickied thread disappears once you read it. It only disappears for you and it does for every sticky thread in every forum once you read them. Quite dumb how it works but made a search and that is how this forum software handles that and not just how it works on the EVE forums and the forum software devs said they don’t intend to change this behaviour as there is no suitable solution they could easily implement so yeah that’s how it is for the time being.

Also funny how scamming being part of the game is popularized by even the EVE community managers but if what you write is true players are punished for legit gameplay choices.

If rules are “outdated” then perhaps don’t be lazy and update them? You know takes like less than a minute to edit the related sticky. Not a promising thing when you can’t rely on official texts, not that this is a surprising thing in CCP’s case but still not something that should be encouraged nevertheless.

So you are basicly complaining that you can’t cheat on other players because of other players that warn your prey that’s a cheat?
And you furthermore complain that ccp don’t punish the people that hinder you cheating other players?


Did i get it right?

Well…your salt is funny… :slight_smile:

You have -in no way- the right of beeing protected from those behaviour…so no wonder that the community support just laughs in your face…

Get adult and stop cheating…


While that is a reasonable way to look at it still some sub-forums / forum sections have special rules applied and openly displayed in the related sticky thread, in this case I assume OP refers to the “anti-competitive” postings being forbidden in e.g. the sales ads and such part of the forums. So if the rules state such posts are disallowed then they should be acted upon once reported to the admins, that is how rules should work in a game and its official forum.

That’s in no way relevant…

Warning other players about a cheat is no punishable behaviour at all…

Yes but my t2 BPO are not scams, im legitly selling,.

You can be ignorant but that makes even your opinion null and void. Scamming is just as a legit and CCP approved part of the game as belt ratting or mission running.

As I wrote I understand why you say what you say but that does not change the fact that there are rules which are broken no matter the reason.

Scammers do not break the rules (unless use an exploit to scam) while those who break the forum rules to post in scam threads do if the forum rules state as such, so instead what you write is irrelevant.

I am not protecting the scammers, though have no issue with them either, this is a sandbox and scamming is allowed, I simply state the fact that rules exists so they are enforced.

If we can’t rely on official rules then there is no foundation for the game to be played in a “fair” / equal manner (where “fair” / equal does not mean you can not be ganked, scammed or whatnot, but that the rules apply to everyone equally).

It’s not relevant that scamming is not illegal or even sanctioned by ccp…

Even if it is the warning of it is not illegal either…

There is NO reason to punish someone that warns another one that he is beeing scammed…

Not even the slightest reason.

See it as market/scam pvp…

Someone who hunts scammer and avoid people getting scammed has the SAME right to do this as the scammer does regardless if scamming is allowed or not the warning of it is basically legal either.

same rules for all bottom line…

There is reason if there a rule exists in the related forum section. You seem to be blinded by your hatred for scammers. Perhaps an earlier reply is right and you’ve got scammed in the past and now emotionally involved? We are not talking in general, we are talking about a forum section with its own specific special rules. You / anyone can warn people of scammers anywhere, but not in a section where a “no anti-competitive posting allowed” rule exists, simple as that. So in that section you have no right to post such posts regardless if it is a scam warning, and if you or anyone does so then yes there is a reason for punishment, the forum rules, which as any rule in the game and on the forums is to be enforced no matter what.

If you try to bring in some moralization then you just show your bias and wrong way of thinking. This is not about what is “right” or “wrong”, this is about what is allowed / legit according to the rules, that’s it, nothing else. Anything else is just incorrect justification to go above the rules and not get punished for it. The rules either apply to everyone equally or they are meaningless.

I hate scammers for demanding the same right for the people that warn about them than the scammer has to scam?

Well that’s an interesting opinion…

Because i want that that both groups are treated the same way i prefer one group…

Doesn’t it come to your mind that your argumentation is a little bit flawed here?

I mean - beside the fact that the post you refer to is not about me but about someone else - it is at least remarkable how emotional YOU defend the right to scam…

And to call a competive anti scam post anti competive…that conclusion someone must draw in first place…

You still try to shift the subject onto your moralization and try twisting my words (strawman argumentation attempt much?) but it won’t work.

Also replying to your post with a detailed thought out answer is emotional? Try something better.

You still haven’t addressed the subject just try dancing around it with shifting the subject so you can have an argument, thus you fail and prove yourself wrong.

Here let me help you:

There are specific rules that only apply to that forum section. Those rules are broken. When reported CCP says FU. That is not how rules and enforcing them should work.

If you bother to reply form your argument about the subject not some self-justification based on something that is irrelevant to the subject at hand.

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you can’t declare a competive anti scam post anti competive because it goes against scamming…that’s the bottom line and THAT’S why cpp is not reacting to the op’s petition…

This reaction is done completely right and they even should close it uncommented because it’s so ridiciouless

If it’s not a scam you should send evidence to CCP as they may be assuming you are scamming here too. You as a Jita scammer (well within the rules) should be protected in the same way as anyone else when using the forums legitimately but it might be hard to tell you know?

Think everyone here is just being bitter cus they heard the word scammer. Or you may be misinterpreting non-trolling behavior as trolling, people do that a lot here too.

The deceived fraudster also believes that he has the right to complain.

Totally ridiciouless…

If that is how the rule was to work then it is not clearly communicated. An anti-competitive post is anything that tries to “undermine” the trade offer or whatever, unless stated otherwise. At least that seems to be the logical conclusion to me.

If the rule does not apply to anti-scam posts then it should clearly be stated.

Btw what stops someone to post an “anti-scam” post which even can be made up for the sole reason to disrupt a legit business?

Though this is above is just a question regarding how the rule could work and could be exploited to overcome the rule itself while the rule as is communicated currently is a blanket statement that no anti-competitive posting is allowed, so anything that is against the sale-offer (or whatever) is anti-competitive imo as it tries to go against the proposed offer, including anti-scam posts (may them be true or made up).


screenshot them … we want to see the bpo with stats and a proof that they are on your account …

on the othersite . you scammed people it looks like … so you cant be serious that this people warn about your behaviour even if this is not happening this time
it happend befor so it can happen now … i saw the threads and they are warning about your scams befor so i guess it ok
you did it be carefull … you wrote you will sell with contract only … ok … scammer is a scammer … i saw that so often in jita local …

so sell in forum with a different alt … its not hard to do it … use a alt for scamming and a alt for make real bussiness

i still think you are a funny guy


The buyer can check the BPOs in the contract and see their exact stats before accepting the contract (unless I’m missing something).

OP send me the BPOs for free and I will look at their stats and take screenshots as a third-party reliable observer then forward them back to you. :wink: