Trolling EULA and Forum PVP

Players will find ways to exploit the system.

On forums it is very simple to PVP blob posts. It’s very toxic and needs a change to CCPs response to a post that is deemed to become toxic.

To exploit this a player can reply to a post to a point that it get flagged as toxic. Then CCP kills the post and the topic. Even if the topic was innocent.

The post PVPer can log in alternative players to make the post seem like a number of people hold the same view. Out of a player base of 1000s it is unlike that 10 alts share the view of the whole.

Regardless CCP needs to change the rule of killing topics because a person with several alts ganks a topic.

Please can you change the rule to perhaps ban the toxic person from the topic not the the topic itself.


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But first clear up the intended meaning of the title…

Trolling EULA and Forum PVP

Trolling EULA

  • So is someone trolling the EULA?


  • Is the EULA trolling someone, hence trolling EULA?



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What I want to know is what exactly is a stone temple pilot. Is it a:

  • person that flies stone temples,
  • a person that flies temples that has been turned to stone,
  • or a stone temple that has gotten it’s pilot license?

This is the question we need to be asking.



maybe the pilot got stoned in a temple?


Maybe the pilot’s name is Stone Temple. :wink:

It can also be the pilot episode of a new TV series titled Stone Temple. :slight_smile:


See bruv, the dilemma is this is an opinion you are sharing. A couple of things:

  1. How do you in fact know they are alts? Are they alts because you have proof or alts because you don’t agree that they agree and you don’t agree with their viewpoint?

  2. How do you know they are trolling? Is it trolling simply because they are dissenting and you don’t agree? Is it trolling because they are winning the argument you and you want to shut it down without having debate? Its a slippery slope my friend.

3.How do you define toxic? How would the EULA define it? What is an acceptable level of toxicity? Who decides? How do you determine? Who determines what is toxic?

  1. You say its unlikely a lot of people may hold the same view. I find it interesting because I’m betting these people hold a view you don’t share.

You even defining it as “forum PvP” is subjective. I dunno hoss. It just seems like you wanna censor people that don’t agree with you.

Well, I think OP’s concerns are valid, in so far that it is possible to get threads closed, and that there are people who will resort to various dirty tricks in order to further their agenda.

Of course, I am loathe to go into detail on some of the tricks I think people use, as I don’t want to give anyone else any ideas, but since OP already brought it up, let’s talk about alts.

First up, we have astroturphing. The most infamous example I can think of with this concerns the outrage surrounding the hiring of that dev that apparently had some of her naked pictures uploaded to an amateur porn site (can’t remember her name). Regardless, CCP apparently did some digging and found that most of the crap was coming from only a handful of individuals using a bunch of alt accounts. (Sorry, my googlefu is failing me, but it’s probably for the best anyway)

Second, I too have suspected certain individuals of intentionally trying to get topics closed. But, of course, I have only hunches, and no proof. So, I’ve never said anything.

Third, some guy used a bunch of alts to vote in my multiboxing survey. He made it pretty obvious, so he might have actually been trying to undermine confidence in the results, rather than trying to skew them.

And, I suspect that there is at least on other dirty debate trick that people do with alts, but like I said, I don’t want to give anyone else any ideas.

Oh, and I suppose I’ll bring this up as well -I think there are people that intentionally try to weaponize outrage in order to bully CCP into making the changes that they want. Of course, I strongly suspect that that’s what happened with all the turbo krab and afk miners over the recent mining changes, and then it seems like Dark Magni saw this, and then tried to do the same thing with all his “CCP is an untrustworthy purveyor of limited edition goods” threads. I’ve also caught some pieces of the meta show that made me suspect that goons are intentionally stoking the outrage fires in an attempt to get CCP to implement/bring back mechanics that are conducive to empire building.

To OP:
I don’t think CCP or the ISD’s are going to change anything. So, it’s probably not the best idea to go posting dirty debate tricks people can use. Don’t want to give the bad faith arguers any tips and tricks.

And no, I don’t have any good answers for you. There are ways to fight dirty debate tricks, but it ain’t easy. I mean, there’s a reason why the same crap philosphers were complaining about 2,300 years ago is still being used today -it’s because it’s effective, and hard to combat.

Sigh. I might maybe possibly make a video about this.


That’s the definition of propaganda.

Using feelings (including outrage) to make masses produce a pressure on deciding entities.

That was the job of CIA (among other) . It has to do with “colour revolutions” among the worlds, where CIA was trying to overthrow government for a more lenient (and sometimes, more violent/fascist ones, like they did in south america several decades before) one.


Oh I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. But I am very much not trusting OP’s bias :smiley:


ISD have made great efforts to delete large amounts of posts in a thread if the thread itself has significant value in staying open. They can also silence people on the forums now (i think), so they have options for keeping a thread open.

If they don’t, maybe there wasn’t much value to save.


I feel like that would ‘Stone Temple the Pilot’ or ‘Stone Temple, pilot’.

I’ve always imagined it as a group of pilots who fly stone temples around personally.

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It was Mintchip LOL, and technically wasnt a Dev but a community team position…but the alleged pics were not the primary IRE some had with her, a lot of ppl in that old thread had issues with her attitude interacting in game, attempts at using gender to garner priveleges, and the fact her latter youtubing at the time had the effect of bad mouthing the game itself.


That and the whole Garmon incident.

Below is a very good example of forum pvp.

This post subverts the intended premise of the original poster.

And with “fun” tries to say he does not understand what the forum pvp is about.

The post is therefore subverted.

Another example of forum pvp.

“Fun” is made of a serious post.

In your opinion :smiley:

How do we know your post is serious?

What’s that?

Garmon simped for Mintchip and she took advantage in the EVEist of EVE ways. Google a bit and you’ll find a lot of drama and hilarity.

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Apparently to some a clear and obvious joke is considered forum PvP. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I hope such people don’t attend parties as they might call a S.W.A.T. team on the crowd claiming they were attacked by a gang for the simple fact they couldn’t handle all the jokes and fun times. :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey maybe am just such a menacing forum PvP threat that my mere presence induces fear in the heart of some forum PvPers. :smirk:


pvp diversionary tactic. proving that posts get diverted.