Ban forum trolls who are continuously attacking posts to feel better about themselves

I’ve never seen a forum as bad as this one with no-life trolls constantly attacking posts and downing posters… You can’t ask for help, make a suggestion, have an opinion, or say anything without a bunch of idiots jumping all over it… Not all are like that and many try to be constructive, but too many are spending all their time in here pouring salt on everyone’s posts… I think that allowing this to go on is hurting the player experience, turning off players who come to the forums, and ultimately hurting CCP’s retention of players and subscriptions… Now watch them attack this post… It’s really that bad here and something should be done about it…


I love you, man.

Unfortunately, eve forums ( and game too) environment make such people possible to born and grow( mostly because it’s an open sandbox game) . Just don’t let them get in your mind, ignore them and if their posts have anything against Eula or are off topic don’t hesitate to report/ flag them.

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Agree 100% with the OP.

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