Your forums are full of trolls, posts by people who dont read the full posts and reply with some sarcastic or non helpful comment/flame, people who post on mechanics they literally dont know how they work (some guy said people can dock after they raid an ESS in system…) and so on; its been this way for years which is why i dont often frequent them, every now and then I forget - i dont know why im surprised tbvh…

Are there any plans to fix this?

  1. Fix Human Nature.
  2. Employ dedicated monitoring staff.
  3. Eff Off, and you’ll never be troubled by them again (on this Forum).

Trolls are a fact of Life, Lugburz, faced by many online entities and their users. Only one of the above options is currently likely to succeed in achieving the result you seem to crave.

Can you work out which?

They can dock after robbing ESS? Ok and? Its normal state.

What they mean is after robbing the ESS they do a cargo deposit ( which does not require docking rights - tbh a bit broken for null but w/e ) into a local citadel and then asset safety the bonds out to collect later.

If I were an ISD I would be handing out bans for this, but as I would hand out bans I would probably not be an ISD.

There’s a difference between someone trolling you, and someone having a different opinion. Some of you are so thin-skinned, you can’t differentiate between the two…


Yeah this behavior surfaces quite frequently all over the webs.

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There is a difference between trolls and people who have a different opinion.

Calling it ‘trolling’ when people have a different idea is of course the easiest way to pretend your idea is still the best, but this behaviour doesn’t result in constructive discussions of your idea.

When your first reaction to people who have other ideas about your idea is to call them ‘trolls’ you are setting up your idea for failure.
Why not try to see why other people have other views and challenge their views instead of namecalling them?

But no, instead of trying to defend your idea you call the people who want to discuss your ideas trolls.
And then instead of responding to them, you make a new thread to complain about trolls. :disappointed:

What’s next? Are the people who disagree with you in this thread trolls too?


There’s a fine line between trolling, doing an RP, and creating cover for your Alts.

We have rules we have to follow, and they are enforced.

As I’ve said in other posts in nearly identical conversations, if everyone around you is an asshole, the problem isn’t them.

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If there is an issue, flag the post in question and it will be reviewed.