Idea: ban non-subbed forum trolls immediately

A lot of the salt and attacks on csm and devs come from people that haven’t even played in years. Some of them freely admit it. Why is their voice even allowed on the forum?
Especially when it comes to features and patches. They don’t know what they’re talking about because they don’t play. They’re usually the first ones to go for insults when they come across any disagreement.

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They can come on the forums because they still have characters in game. Once a char is biomassed, they lose the right to come here as there is no character.

Indeed. I furthermore demand that Alphas (unsubbed) can only fly T1 frigates with T1 fittings

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It’s not the fact that they’re alphas that’s a problem. It’s just that they hurl a lot of insults and baseless accusations. But then again, plenty omega pilots do that too don’t they…


but they are paying for that privilege and have an account tied to their reputation.
Alphas however dont, Burn an account, roll a new one and repeat.

So it is the fact is is alphas.

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There’s a difference between someone who’s upset over a change and a troll. Don’t get me wrong, we certainly have a lot of angry karens gracing our forums, but I don’t think that banning them on the forums is the correct solution. It just means that they’ll go to the reddit chamber, where they’ll get validation from other bitter vets and whiners, and be free to poison the morale of newbros.

Personally, I’d rather provide a counterargument to their complaining, and, where possible, offer them suggestions that can help them to cope with or even benefit from the thing they are complaining about. Of course, a lot of bitter vets are too busy being angry to listen, but hopefully I can win over others that might be reading our conversations.

And besides, sometimes even bitter vets bring up good points. They might be idiots about it (like calling for devs to be fired), but that doesn’t mean that none of their criticisms are valid.

Negativity is censored on the TiS discord, and the downvote brigade frequently tries to bury anyone who doesn’t echo bittervet sentiment on reddit. So to me, the forums lies in the goldie-locks zone. Here, white knights and bitter vets can battle it out in the marketplace of ideas without being (literally or effectively) censored.

And, because I know someone is going to say something, ISD’s do not censor criticism. I don’t agree with every decision they make, but they most certainly do not shut down threads or remove posts based solely on them being negative in nature. And if you don’t believe me, go ahead and peruse any official dev thread.
No P2W


You can’t create a good forum by banning people. You can ban occasional people who are really off on a tear. But banning someone who says obviously false and derailing things like, “I’m a CEO of a million dollar business in real life and I can tell you CCP is in trouble financially” in every thread is a bad idea.

If we want the forums to improve, we should encourage users to be positive, and set an example. This includes CCP, CSM, ISD engaging with positive posters.

Also teach people to use the ignore function and how to identify BS and bait.

(I sure do sympathize with the frustrations of the OP though. But you can see replying to them is the worst strategy.)

Also also, did we check the flowchart?! What category are we in?


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Can’t we instead just ban people with stupid suggestions like this one?

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It can be difficult not to want to censor folks, but if someone has an account, they can be here. It’d be nice if all those who posted here played the game and sought to improve it with constructive discussion, but as we say in Gallente, you can lead an exotic dancer to a pole but you can’t make 'em dance.

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