Alpha clone restriction on forum to read only

@Developers Please make that only Omega clones can post (write) on forum.

Why? :thinking:

:red_circle: Why? Omega pilots are just as likely to post complete garbage as any alpha pilot, as you just demonstrated.

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Doesn’t look like anybody asked you why?
So I’ll ask.
Why therefore, dost thou, want to restrict posting abilities of the non paying capsuleers?

Alphas ask for guidance on the forums to enhance their gameplay experience so they can upgrade to Omega. Also: the presence of Alphas in the game is good for Omegas. If they ragequit, Omegas lose content.


Yeah, I just want to reiterate what Zhalyd and Archer have already said. Omegas probably post more garbage than alphas, and I’ve seen quite a few newbro alphas ask for help about stuff.



Might as well close down NCQA then if Omegas are the only ones allowed to post.

Nice troll…actually not nice, low effort troll.

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