Make the forums only for active Omega account

Make the forums only for active Omega account

Since CCP made developing for the ESI API paid accounts only, forums can also be Omega paywalled.

Yeah, ■■■■ alphas. What’s important is that we silence some of the people who disagree with me.

But, what should we do about the fact that people can use one of their character slots on an omega account to create an endless stream of burner forum posting alts? And what about the SP farms? I guess that means we also have to set an SP limit too.

But what about the multiboxers that exceed that limit? Guess it means that we need to set it pretty high then. Maybe around 80 mil SP.

Then, finally, the forums will become a social media utopia where no one trolls, argues in bad faith, or responds with comments that snarkily criticize my proposals.
No P2W


That would be an effective way of silencing all the linux users who refuse to pay for the divorce of service they are experiencing.


Cancel culture 101.

I get that that many of the non playing non omega accounts are just here trolling. But others have interesting things to say.

All voices and all opinions welcome.

Otherwise we just end up in a self congratulating echo chamber


Actually Linux users do pay.

You speak for all of them? I no longer do.

I speak for me.

I prefer to divert those resources to the open projects than support and enable freedom.
When I am guaranteed an Omega level service on my OpSys of choice I will return to paying for the disturbing vice that EVE has become.
Meantime, I get my kicks here.

An intelligence captcha for posting, now that’s a good idea.

Perhaps solve puzzles to post topics.

And where would the newbie Alpha players go for questions?

The ingame rookie chat is nice, but I think the forums should be open to all EVE players.

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Many good points against have been raised.

I will give you another. The game is pretty seasonal. I bet lots of people don’t pay or play in their off season, but may still come to the forum for updates and then wind up wanting to ask questons.

What I don’t get is why alphas are such a threat to you. Plenty of omegas are cancer to the forum.

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They made them “have been paid for with real money, at least once in the past.” Which is very different from “omega paywalled”.

It’s so CCP can identify who you are. As there’s a contract involved. Pay for a single month with a credit card, then you’re covered. Even if that was six years ago, and you’ve been alpha ever since.

Ahh but it carries on with accountability on the developer for the end user whom you are not accountable for their using of it, there is another thread I made on that big problem for desktop apps. Having the user accountable is fine, having the developer take on accountability for that user when they have absolutely zero control over them is not ok in any book. No sane developer will accept the dev key for non-hosted app users. It works for hosted apps that are effectively services. Desktop apps are not hosted and out of the developers control when released. Those that did accept it, did so under duress, no other option or don’t understand the real problem with it.

Eve anywhere is Omega only too.

Nothing is stopping the “community” creating their own forums, in fact they have all over the place. There is even chat servers ranging from ingame, to IRC and Discord (IRC with memes).

Not sure how Alpha’s are unable to “connect” with the “community” if the forums are Omega only, they can always go Omega. They don’t have to be Omega all the time, just as they don’t have to post all the time. They can still read the forums.

Are we talking about people who pay with $$$? Or people who plex? I been plexing for a long time.

Omega, that’s via PLEX also.

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