Player Features and Ideas: Forum Changes

  1. Require Omega account to post in this forum
  2. Require the char posting to be at least 3 mos (6 mos? 1 year?) old.
  3. Require the char posting to have at least 10 mill SP or more.

This is not a help forum, people posting CHANGES to the game should not be a 3 day Alpha account.


I could support the omega account requirements to stop some of the spam. But posting semi-anonymously is a tradition as old as eve itself.

And bad ideas came before clone states.

Guess we just have to put up with it and grow a thicker skin.

Why are you trying to silence the newbro? Are you afraid of what he has to say? Is he a threat to your position and power?

For real though, even bad ideas can trigger lively debates. Don’t see any reason to prevent people from joining the discussion. Just report trolls and call out BS when you see it.

They can post in Cry & Pout

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Excluding the EvE information Panel, New Citizens Q&A, and the Communications Center I could see this as a possibility.

This i could support for this part of the forums, Player Features and Ideas totally in conjunction with having to be Omega. 6mos maybe the requirement.

This would be a little much, i dont see a need for this extra requirement.

I agree with restricting new accounts from some of the forum threads.

This is actually to benefit the newbro, sparing them the routine beatings from you forum savages! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Save the rookie ‘hazing’ for their first corporation.

The beating is prevented because it prevents the newbies from saying anything stupid :slight_smile:

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