Forum Posting for Omegas only


Do not allow characters in Alpha state to post on the official EVE forums.
Alpha Characters can buy a 30d forum pass for irl cash. Maybe a quarter or half of a subscription fee.

It is time to stem the negative influence of Alpha Posting.

The privilge of posting on the forums should be exclusive to Omegas
Alphas should not be allowed to influence dev decisions by posting here.

Thank you that is all.

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alphas have no place here…a pile of fails

I would like to keep posting on this char instead of my omegas because it’s by now the one with the longest time without forum ban.:laughing:

But I see the issue.

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I can support this!

I would prefer if people were banned from posting on the forums based on their content, not based on their subscription status.

No support.


So you hate free speech.

No support.

it would be preferable if people weren’t censored needlessly over silly ■■■■ when many bad things have happened in these forums and the overseers overlook due to preference…pretty much the model of this type of ■■■■.

GM’s playing? lol…naive.

Nothing wrong with free speech.

But there is a difference between free speech and being allowed to say anything at a forum. If what is posted on the forum crosses the line of the forum rules, I don’t see an issue when mods give a (temporary) vactation from the forums.

I don’t support kicking Alphas off the forums entirely, but I would support an “Omegas Only” forum feature (a subforum) where Omegas could discuss issues. I see it sort of as an “O Club” in the military, where commissioned officers have a separate hangout from the enlisted.

I don’t know if there’s a way to tell on the forums whether someone is Alpha or Omega. I haven’t cared to look. Alphas play the game and their input matters, but there are differences in how it matters.

When I ran my own business, I was more inclined to listen to feedback from customers who had bought my products than from people who merely commented on them, but every now and again the latter had a good idea.

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Please remember though, The forums, have PEGI-12 rating, just like the actual game of EVE Online. Below demonstrates the difference between the US Teen rating which is 13 and up rating, and PEGI’s 12 and up rating which is what EVE is…

T for Teen rating: This rating is suitable for players 13 and older. Titles may have sexually suggestive content, more frequent or stronger language, and blood.

PEGI-12 These games are for players 12 and older. They can contain more realistic violence, sexual innuendo, minor instances of gambling, horrifying elements, and some bad language.

having said that, Devs would prefer some places like forums/and some parts of the game, ie Rookie Channel, contain no bad language.

How can you tell if someone is an Alpha or an Omega ?

How can you tell who is sitting behind each character ? A person could have multiple accounts, some of which are Alpha. That doesn’t change the content of their post or magically change their opinion or experience on a topic.

That which we call a rose…

you cannot. without them telling you they are an alpha when you try to give them a mod/ship they cannot use.

That could work, CCP is trying to monetize aspects of Eve, why not the forums but then how many people who choose not to spend money on a sub would pay to post on a forum that isn’t a reliable way to be heard by anyone that matters - Just go to Reddit.
Of course this would achieve your elitist goal wouldn’t it LUWC.

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