Alpha-Forum missing

There are so many alfa-forums from games.

But google does not find one of EVE-Online …

=> Ideas ?

for example you have here ships from the beginning … way of diffrent …

ya even dont have to build docks …

Not quite sure what you’re asking for here.

well @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode EVE says " welcome to hell " to guys what not know what fire is …

Are you asking for a forum for new players to EVE?

guess not only … wanna build a new (friendly) community … i guess …

way of wrong ?

may the space-bored good guys shoot the space-bored bad guys


why not?

All you need to do to get content, is to go out and make content. :grinning:

dont ya see it ?

Yes, please relegate the Alphas to their own forum. Omegas would greatly appreciate it…


You get what you pay for.

ty guys - alpha forum of EVE now on Google … :wink:

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode know someone one wants to keep his alpha progress ?

Is ironically the only ‘right’ way.

Embrace your inner bastard, my friend and fly recklessly.

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