30,000 players

Hello, Its great that people are busy playing and enjoying the game, but with only 10-15 active people on the forum something can be better. I mean something does not add up.

So how about some in-game rewards for participating on the forum? They already figured out how to give free stuff daily without it being exploited and the AIR cereer also rewards items, ISK etc. without being exploited.

The goal of giving rewards for participating on the forum is to have it grow. In order to avoid a stampede it could be rolled out slowly or some such. I just thought i wanted to get the discussion started.

tl;dr there activity on the forum is nothing compared to the activity in game. This is a nice problem to have? But it still seems like a problem :)? Take care.



The Prophet needs you to understand that more people would engage in the forums, but people use shadow puppets to block others from posting when they cannot defeat them in battles of words.


I generally like the idea.

But it would result in more moderation work for CCP and ISDs, which they might not be keen about. Also, it would require maintenance and some effort to not be exploitable.

Considering that, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.


It’s their job. If it makes them sad to do it, they can go work in a soup kitchen and actually help RL people.

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Do you think that someone with 20 alts just leaves the daily rewards on that alt?

Or do you think that they probably collect the free stuff from alts and sell it?

Bring back the old forums. The new ones suck.


ah the good ol days


My opinion on the new forum.

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An opinion shared by thousands of players…

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You cant share anything from the daily logins its all character based and stays with the character, only way to “trade” stuff like SP is to allocate it to your character, buy an extractor, make a skill injector and then use it on the new toon. You will have to first save up 500K to make an injector, buy the extractor off market or from CCP, and then possibly lose some SP in the process depending on how many SP your other alt has.

Its quite the process and will take a while to save up that much SP in the first place. Have fun though.

Casual players tend to not use forums that much. When you replace your dedicated founding community with a bunch of people who discover the game by clicking on a banner ad in YouTube or an app store and quit after a month, a lack of forum activity is the natural outcome.



People keep insulting those who make an opinion they disagree with, disguise it as an other to fight a strawman, in short they keep trolling.

You can’t have liberty of expression if one’s liberty is not protected against the other’s.

This forum is but a propaganda tool, abused by the toxic troll to make it an echo chamber.
They bully opposing voices, repeat lies ad nauseam and make personal attacks as a way to pretend to morale highground.


This is scary accurate LOL

YouTube has banner ads? Show me.

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Another loss of forum activity has been the rise of Discord and the like. Ever since Discord came around and got popular, nearly every forum I’ve been a part of has seen a steady decline in users, most of whom have migrated over to the trash that is Discord.

Reddit and other social media has also been poaching users for a long time, Reddit already managed to steal 95% percent of the devs from the forums.


I don’t pay to win.

I’m trying to remember the last time you made some sense.

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I agree with @Sarah_Olson and @Destiny_Corrupted

It’s a combo of type of new player/the rise of discord that kills the good ole fashioned forum.

tbh after X amount of posts it derails into a different topic anyways :joy:

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I don’t pay for YouTube ad free! :rofl: