Why do forum moderators exist?

(Zaku Ganymede) #1

I’ve only been playing for a few weeks but it seems the gist of this game is to screw any and everyone you meet as hard as you can. Why should the forums not relfect the gameplay? I’m not saying that anything is wrong with how the game is designed. But the forums are extremely misleading about what to expect in game.

There should be a dedicated section for “who I ganked and how hard they cried”

“Best scams of the week”

“Who I doxxed for ganking me”


(voetius) #2

because that is an argument from a false analogy. Eve gameplay and the new forum are not synonymous.

For dedicated sections, Crime & Punishment is the usual place for bragging about scams and ganks, although General Discussion will also have relevant posts and is popular for this as it is higher traffic than C&P.

It is unlikely that CCP will allow players to post private and highly personal information about other players on the forums.

(Lulu Lunette) #3

I like our moderators. They do mostly a good job and I am glad they work through ISD alts. Could you imagine if they tagged your main with ISD? If you want less moderation, I’d suggest Reddit but I don’t think there’s anywhere that will let you talk about doxxing. As far as I know, that’s a bannable offense.

If you truly want an anonymous soap box I’d also suggest Twitter and use the #tweetfleet and #EVEOnline

(DeMichael Crimson) #4

The forums are not a platform created specifically to boost your online EPEEN, they’re intended to be a place where players can ask for and give info about Eve related topics in a civilized and respectful manner. That’s the reason for having forum moderators.


(Zaku Ganymede) #5

What game do you play?

(DeMichael Crimson) #6

Well let’s review some pertinent facts.

I’ve been an active member of this community since 6-2008.

You’ve been an active member of this community for a couple of weeks.

Besides that what’s it matter to you anyway ? According to this post here you stated 7 days ago that you wouldn’t continue playing this game.


(Zarek Kree) #7

To my knowledge, the standard of conduct on the forums are the same as the standard of conduct on local chat in-game. I can’t think of anything you can’t say on the forums but that would be allowed in local chat. In fact the Rules Conduct in the Terms of Use lumps chat and Bulletin Board submissions together under the same rules.

The difference is that moderators can easily police the forums, whereas somebody has to specifically report local chat violations.

(Zaku Ganymede) #8

I was just discussing that with someone in game as a matter of fact. There shouldn’t be any moderation of chat channels either.

A little off topic but I think a major flaw in this game is the lack of a “general” chat channel. Right now the only channel spanning the virtual universe of the game is rookie help, and naturally that’s where people go to ■■■■■■■■ and get attention, whatever, which is of course heavily moderated by ISD. There really shouldn’t be a rookie help channel at all. There isn’t so much as a tool tip on anything after the tutorial.

(Keno Skir) #9

If such a thing existed, it would be used for nothing other than posting adverts (scams) and be 10x worse than Jita local.

The forum moderators are here to prevent dickheads from being themselves online, which most people agree is for the best.

The same game as you, just with a whole bunch more experience to base opinions on :parrotmustache:

(Memphis Baas) #10

The forums do reflect the gameplay; the gist of the game is to POLITELY screw everyone over. Moderators exist to enforce the POLITE part.

Also, the forums CAN’T reflect the gameplay; you cannot actually screw anyone over by flinging insults, swear words, or even just words at them. It’s just a forum; text can’t really kill your ships or pod you or reduce your wallet to 0. Actually, scratch that, I guess the wrong words can get you kicked out of your corp, or lose you some profitable market scam, but still, it’s not really the same as the gameplay. Anyway, moderators exist to reflect the functionality of Concord, in this case.

I didn’t think anyone would need this explained.

(Zarek Kree) #11

I’ve played games with a general chat and it’s largely useless. It’s just a place to spew garbage. No actual “chat” occurs. And rookie help disappears after the first month as I recall. My memory is that it’s too overloaded to actually be helpful anyway. General chat would be even worse.

I’m a fan of civil ruthlessness both IRL and in game. Whether you’re ambushing somebody on a gate in EVE, demolishing them on the playing field or out maneuvering them in a negotiation at work, there’s no need for personal insults.

Call me old school, but a gentleman should be expected to smile and shake your hand while slicing your throat. To do otherwise is gauche, lowbrow and only suited for rabble. Beating someone senseless is acceptable - being rude about it is not.

(Mike Azariah) #12

well said.

Thing is, he wants the spew, so he can join in the ‘fun’. He wants a wide audience so a general chat channel. I know folks who close jita local as a matter of course I think it would be fair to assume most would close any general chat in game as well, for similar reasons.

BUT, go ahead, make a channel and invite all and sundry to it. Eve does allow you to do so. See how populated you can make it.


(Dan Morvis) #13

Was this post a thinly veiled rant at EVE? It sure seemed like it.

(Zaku Ganymede) #14

I couldn’t have made a better case for an unmoderated general chat channel then the replies in this thread have made.

You guys are so desperate for a place to vent your frustration you jump on anything that pops up and cling to every word.

Come on Bros we can make it happen.

(Zarek Kree) #15

Lol - a general chat channel with 20-30k concurrent users. Yeah, that’ll work. Have you ever been to Jita? That’s a fraction of that number and it’s a constant stream of useless spam. How exactly do you envision it working? And for what purpose that isn’t already served by other mediums (like these forums)?

Thanks for contributing. Now get more than 2 weeks in game and a get feel for how things work and your next idea might not suck as bad.

(Xuixien) #16

Doxxing? Really? GTFO.

(Dan Morvis) #17

I know, right! By the way, what does “GTFO” means?

(Zaku Ganymede) #18

Looesly translated it means:

“give me likes pls”

(Gregorius Goldstein) #19

I don’t get it. I always thought is common knowledge that you go to eveonline.com for a moderated forum and to reddit if you prefer hardly any moderation. Works fine for me.

(Austin Blythe) #20

Cool story.