Forum gankers

I’ve enjoyed my time on the forums , I’ve learnt a lot , got to know some great people , even from the in game ganker side .

I’ve used this place to post propaganda about our activities and to report on our successes and I’ve enjoyed the long chats that come from them.

But I feel the control of these forums is lacking with some people out to derail threads in what ever way they can , if you go back to my post you can see this time and time again , instead of people being locked or their post deleted the thread gets locked .

Now I’m not sure if this is a fact that ccp are not bothering to read the thread and just locking it because they don’t have time or they are biased as a lot of people say .

So that’s me done with posting here untill it changes , I’ve always kept in game here but the pathetic innuendos about people’s real lives and the passive aggressive derailing tricks is out of control.

I know the gankers and griefer criminals are defending their play style which they have a right to as do I but if I post a factual event in eve and a forum gankers sets out to derail it I expect ccp stop the ganker not lock my post .

From the amount of likes and support I’ve had I know many appreciate our efforts but I think it’s time to move on

Thank you all


Discussing the topic content, while disagreeing with you, does not automatically deem it derailing.

Players do not have to agree with you. They are allowed to argue and disagree with you about the TOPIC.

You are allowed to argue with them about the response.

This is not derailing.

Proper discussion is important. Changing the topic in a very outlandish way is prohibited. Slight topic discussion shifts are allowed as these are considered edge cases and it is natural for the conversation.

There is NO bias. There are trouble makers from all sides of this in game environment that we tolerate. A few are no longer allowed to post as they went too far.

However, the moment that the line is crossed to reference a player in RL, or to attack a player in RL that consequences will be swift. Keep it in game.

To add onto this some players take it too far, they get heated and they resort to insults and name calling. If you can do so in a creative manner, feel free. But Direct attacks or blatant abuse will not be tolerated.

When disagreeing with someone, Attack the IDEA, not the PERSON. This will greatly reduce chances of issues.



Only through James 315 and The Code will you find the peace and joy that you yearn for, Githany. I will pray for you.


good bye! but first can I have your stuff please?

There are reasons people stopped using these forums in favor of another atrocious platform like reddit. You are not the first, nor will you be the last. Mismanagement is rampant in these parts.


If I may say so…the problem here is that ‘blocking’ people merely stops you from seeing their posts, it does not stop them from seeing yours. Sort of ass backwards, really. Thus there is no way of simply preventing troublemakers from posting or responding as far as one’s posts or threads are concerned. Which would be the ideal solution.

Under their name that was banned sure, but how easy is it for them to create a new char, just to post on the forums?


For the millionth time Githany, pointing out someone’s real-life bigotry is not thread derailment. You don’t get to ignore the big elephant in the room just because the topic is about ganks or puppies and kittens or whatever.

Even worse, you pretty much explicitly acknowledged and gave a platform to the bigotry by mocking the people who were arguing against it. Quitting the forums after that kind of behavior isn’t a sign of frustration, but of cowardice. Maybe you should acknowledge that you were the baddie this time, and work toward making things better?


Just to be clear I’m happy to argue about these topics that come up , I know ganking is a touchy subject to talk about and many in game will not even talk about it , we as a group and individually get a lot of flak from what we do and expect it.

But my post get locked all the time especially if they come popular. We even have little bets how long a thread will last before the usual suspects start the derailing process.

Forums are a tool to help play eve and we have got members and support from my postings .

I’ll find other ways to advertise our adventures for now rather than C&P and general

And no I’m not leaving Eve :relaxed:



Here is an excellent example:

As someone who was once banned for a week for off-topic posting when replying to that poster, and that poster was not by the lead ISD posting in this thread, I am wondering why the off-topic concept is used in such a selective way?

No wonder this poster and others can just keep throwing in these comments.

And there is it, acknowledgement of bias.

And with that I am also out of here…, Eve mail me if you ever clear up this mess of a forum.


Happy hunting!


So, back to ganking:

I do believe that Aiko Danuja still deserves a monument in Halaima for her efforts and galant and noble fighting methods to thwart the evil miners and their proliferation upon her lands.

She has shown creativity and innovation in the face of overwelming odds i.e. malfunctioning concord bots that destroy a police action in progress.


Nah. You slipped a few times, which is why you’re running.

DC said it best. You went all in on the out of game stuff for people’s in game actions, which is supported by the gameplay itself.

You had more influence once. You could have used it to change the culture of AG. Instead, you threw in your lot with some trash pandas and quickly found yourself in waters you did not know how to navigate.

My advice? Get a proper PR person for a mouthpiece. If you’re gonna RP, stick to your doctrine and actually follow it. And just get better at PvP in general.

You will not be able to effectively AG because you cannot organize your forces in a manner which makes it effective.

You tend to cry a lot huh?

Hi Cilla :smiley:

Chip truth omae.

You know your boy is the reason why it was locked, not the gankers right?

Could this be proof of a higher power? Truly?

On a serious note, I 100% support this notion. Love her or hate her, Aiko has contributed to EVE lore and legacy. To say otherwise is just hating.

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Of course it is…as the sole purpose of raising it again and again and again and again has been some sort of ludicrous 'guilt by association '. If that’s not thread derailment, then nothing is.

I don’t know why people can’t just discuss issues with some manner of civility. If people are wrong about things then there’s no need for the sort of ’ you suck and I hope your dog dies’ level of sheer toxicity that exists here.

Safe(ty.) to assume @Aiko_Danuja accepts your surrender @Githany_Red

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :dealwithitparrot:

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( that’s a Brit joke…for anyone who’s never heard of Marmite )


Praise Aiko, the forums are slightly improved!

Well theres your problem, as long as they have plausible denability the moderators literaly encourage you to be childish .


James 315 is dead. Long live Aiko Danuja.

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I still want @Mike_Azariah to get his monument first, but I’ve taken some time to research the history of the game and the players who shaped the course of in-game history.

@Aiko_Danuja has done far more to generate in-game content than any other player, going as far back as the days of Helicity Boson and Hulkageddon. Requesting a celestial marker honouring that is not unreasonable.

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