Forum warfare

Eve online as we all know is a cold and dark universe of warring factions , criminals and pirates, mighty empires and brutal gangs.

Wars and conflict can often spill out into other arenas, these forums for one .

In my eve journey i have used these forums as a tool to publicise our many adventures. Our enemies do what they can to close us down and discredit us and as a results a thread can often be locked because it gets out of hand

A simple post about how gankers fail , runs away and gets locked , in the main I support ccps action to lock them but sometimes people need to be ban from posting 1st before a thread gets locked.

Why do these criminal players attack a post you may ask , well simple they don’t want you to know that there is a resistance to what they do , gankers for a long time stood unopposed , using fear to keep people at bay .

The propaganda war on both side will go on , I’ll keep reporting our adventures and know that they will lock it down eventually.

Empire will not be a free ride and a place for bored F1 monkeys.

Join the resistance now and help kill gankers and their associates


Yes, ok.

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Introducing the latest weapon in the AG arsenal. The Tech II Carnyx. An ancient Celtic instrument. If it could scare off the Romans…it should work on gankers. This is the actual sound of resistance…


i have a question
what ? …


AG can’t even win on the forums.


Seriously, Githany, any thread sporting the word ‘ganking’ is likely to descend eventually into meaningless mud-slinging.

The Forum is Highsec-Lite. You can say what you wish, but there will be consequences. I suppose I needn’t continue the analogy beyond ‘CONCORD’.

Private chat channels are useful, but they haven’t the draw of a lively sub-forum. I suspect that is one of the reasons you post here rather than in ‘Recruitment’; your potential supporters are more likely to find you!

But with that advantage come downsides; you have to put up with detractors, some of whom may express themselves in challenging ways. Whether the intention is to close the thread, express a view or to contribute in a sincere fashion, the thread, if it goes anywhere, will seem to take on a life all its own.

I think the real problem is that each of the similar threads you’ve created has had too much work to do. Inform, educate, entertain. It’s a lot to ask.

I understand that, unlike Aiko, you do not have so much time to devote to your pursuit of Highsec scallywags; all the more reason to make effective use of what little you do have.

I think you have done well, in a persistently hostile environment. Of course, I can hardly wish you success, but you know what I mean.

For myself, I have toned down my own contributions (a little…). They may have less impact, zero humour, etc., but I found that, on reflection, I was actually displaying some of the traits I disparage in others. The polished mirror does not lie!


For my part, I’m getting in masses of practice at various things. Finally armed some ships with warp scramblers, ECM, etc.

As for the forum…I do wish there was more humour. All the 'my Dad is bigger than yours ’ stuff just gets tedious quickly.

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I was expecting it to make duck quack quack sounds.

It does…about half way through. Some truly weird sounds. Imagine, though, if one could actually have some sort of ‘war sound’ alliance signature broadcast in the game.

So, the Romans died laughing?


kazoo plus digerydoo, holy spiritual warfare batgirl; there is nothing new under the sun.

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Posting in a Githany Red thread.


This isn’t a place for RP nonsens.


1. Specifically restricted conduct.

The purpose of the EVE Online forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of EVE Online. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to courteous when disagreeing with others.

In order to maintain an environment where everyone is welcome and discussion flows freely, certain types of conduct are prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

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