Some confusion on my alignment

So just to make it clear me and my corp and Alliance are anti- crime within hi sec, this includes gankers , pirates and scumbags of all types .

Now a point has been raised that I like some gankers post for example I have liked Aiko’s post 185 times and many others, the forums are often out of game and I never mix in and out of game up if a ganker talks about a game mechanic I agree with, I like it, infact I like all types of post and I believe ganking is part of the game and should not be messed with, what should happen it that if you don’t like it you shouldn’t whine in the forums about how unfair it is but do as I do and fire a huge Barrage of emp into their ships when ever you can. CCP do actually give us all the tools we need to fight criminals, you just need to use them right.

That’s what I have spent my eve online time doing and had some great fun doing so. And in this journey I have found that some gankers and criminal scum of eve are ok people but they all know given a chance I will kill them in game at the drop of a hat .

The only gank i have ever done was on my alt killing one of @Aiko_Danuja lap dogs so I still see that as ag but I under stand some will not .

If your new, eve and its allegiances can be mixed up and confusing like most of eve but the other side have tried to recruit me and bribe me many times and i see this as a sign of our success.

Long live the resistance.


You are not fooling anybody. You are not helping nor saving anybody. You are merely pampering to the undeserving.
You are wasting your time an resources pursuing what you think is a just cause, but in fact you are perpetuating laziness and ignorance.
You should reconsider your allegiance…

Everyone knows your show is fake…

Githany Gertrude Red.

:smiling_imp: :popcorn:


There you have it, a full confession from the terrorist and new player griefer, Githany Red who deliberately and intentionally killed a newbro Venture.


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thats not a confession , i’ve always said i killed your spy

i wish you could see ingame anti-ganking hehe

btw i can’t like any of your post because it means i’m your alt if i do

He was just a newbro, even gankers didn’t want to harm the little guy, so we invited him into a corporation where he could mine with Safety and learn to play the game - but the evil terrorist Githany Red, blinded by foolish pride and eternal hate couldn’t stand to see the little guy happy, so she griefed him down and forced him to quit the game.

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Aren’t you working in tandem with CONCORD? Doesn’t that effectively make you supporter of the established police force? How can you call yourself the “resistance?”

Wouldn’t the group of people that fight against CONCORD and the establishment be the resistance? Isn’t that essentially SAFTEY.?

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CONCORD is not a lawful police force.

It is a rogue drone bot net.

Concord only kill reds after the event

I must reveal the Resistance,
so we can resist the Uprising,
against the Insurgency,
who’s resisting the Rebellion against the Insurrection."

So, your the resistance to the resistance?

Viva la ganking?

Devastated, my hero just called me a scumbag ;(

Shocking. how could she do something so despicable?

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I always figured that your alignment was chaotic good.

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Lets label other people that way too, what would you call yourself ?

Chaotic neutral.

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When you have time

I’d have to say chaotic neutral. I don’t particularly care what gankers or AG do, I just do my own thing…


I mean Lucas thinks you’re a ganker alt so :smiley:

I know and it seems i just can’t do it like gankers do, just basically kill anyone.

Sorry to disappoint so many people but i can’t be a ganker.

Sometimes i feel like Paula Myo if people know that sci-fi character, I’m sure Carl Yung has a category for me and us all too

For which nobody seems to provide parrot, eye patch, and wooden leg. You’d think there’d be a pirate outfit by now.

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