Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank

Going out on a limb here, posting with myself… :slight_smile:

Given the talk in the “Take Over” threads, I thought it may be a good time to raise this:

As a game Eve needs gankers, or at least the threat of gankers. I’m not a traditional HighSec ganker, with no concord on my killboard ever, but the rights of others to do that ganking is essential in Eve.

Otherwise we are just a graphically different same as all the rest game, and I don’t think that’s why lots of us play Eve.

tl:dr Keep the Right to gank. Anywhere, Anytime.


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Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!”

        Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”
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Give it time…PA will be selling mining permits that make you unkillable in highsec for 4.99 for 7 days.


I dont think this quote means what you think it means in this instance.

Heh, they’ll make CODE look like amateurs…


More likely, it will be a time machine mechanic that deposits your ship and modules back in your hangar for $6.99 each.

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I was scared for a second that there wouldn’t be another ganking thread in C&P. Whew.

That’s a relief.

Luckily you where on patrol so you could chime in right away to cry about it.

Where was I crying about it? I was expressing relief in that post.

It is a hidden cry, deep down inside you. I can still smell the tears though


I had a vasectomy yesterday, so the only thing deep inside me are two cauterized ends, and pain.

So I mean, maybe that’s where you smell that cry.

And cauterized ends.

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Yeah it tasted a bit burned :grimacing:

Embracing your inner miner.

Aww. You cutie-pie.

I’ve never mined, homie.

Whatever you say, Mai. It’s your world, we all just live in it.

It’s seems weird then, that you would act so much like a miner…

Why do you feel the need to pigeon-hole me into a single motivation? Is it just simpler that way? Easier for you to understand?

Guys, gals, those who don’t want to commit… I know, i know that Forum Argument 101 states very clearly “If they don’t agree with me, they’re 100% opposed, and also Hitler”, and I know that CODE does love to twist statements in an attempt to add to the “content” being generated.

Fair enough. It’s clear from the drop that Galaxy Animal and Wreck You are highly intelligent adults. So is James. You couldn’t be dumb and be as clever as you folks, and as good with words. I’ve no personal qualms with any of you.

And that’s the rub. I have no qualms with you. That’s as unambiguous as it can possibly get. You just can’t twist it. You can’t box me into the camp of vocal idiots who cry out against you, because I’m not crying out against you.

Again. That does seem to be the Forum M.O. . “If not Oceania, than Eurasia.” But I’m not.

Pointing out areas where you’re hypocritical isn’t “outing” myself as a carebear. Pointing out where the narrative is just so goddamn stale isn’t that either. Offering an argument isn’t.

And you can’ argue it into being that. Ever.

I don’t have any issue with ganking. I have issues with people deliberately tip-toeing the line, but I’d never argue for ganking to be removed.

Gank away, folks. Doesn’t mean I won’t point out “You guys make a lot of threads about this.”
If I suspected for a moment that half of these forum threads were legitimate and not manufactured, I’d probably not.

Having offered that opinion… CODE is one of the most interesting things to talk about. That crazy RP man…

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There’s more bait on the floor than on a hook here really.