Harrassement while mining by a random bumper

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“Don’t be afk” goes without saying with my advice. An orbit won’t do you much good if you’re afk either.

(QuakeGod) #144

On the contrary, I love those who “comply” and do orbit and try to make me think they are at the keyboard, then when the asteroid pops they go flying off in a random direction at full speed for a few minutes, which of course shows that they are indeed still AFK. I will then jack with that miner until the end of time…

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The person I initially responded too because he complained about bunping is not a noob. He is an old player refusing to accept how the game works. Newbros don’t generally fly Freighters around or are even worth killing in highsec. In almost every case where this topic comes up it is not a newbro but an older player who wants his 100% secure farming space and uses peoples wrong assumption about new players and their needs to try to get what they want.

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Oh PLEASE, won’t someone think of the ignorant!

The same two things are gonna happen as if you’d jumped into Call of Duty without knowing all the buttons.

You gon’ die.
No one gon’ care.

People calling for more coddling really makes me sick. Disgusting.

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Then I learn my lesson! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is, in all honesty, no more or less disingenuous than your calls that CODE is “doing a favor” to Hi-Sec by blapping miners. You’re doing what you do for the same reason why those kids are doing what they do. You enjoy it. No need to dress it up with these aspirations of some noble idea.

They get their jollies AFK mining for ISK.
You get your jollies blowing up people for humiliation to be published to a third-party website.

Nothing wrong with that.

Jeez friendo. If other people’s requests cause such an emotional response from you… over pixels… maybe EvE isn’t the game for you?

Maybe… go back to HKO?

(QuakeGod) #149

Most miners learn not to AFK by the time they’ve lost a couple billion ISK in Hulks. Hard to make any ISK when you mine 100 million ISK while AFK, then your 350 million ISK barge gets nuked shortly thereafter. You just lost 250 million, then another 250, then another 250, and so on and so forth until you finally realize we aren’t going to just let you earn ISK for being AFK…

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(QuakeGod) #151

Hulkageddon needs to be every single day…

(Galaxy Chicken) #152

Can’t it be fun and noble?

You carebears and your absolutist, black and white thinking… Really makes me sick. Disgusting.

The Code is all things to all people. Enforcement is both a way of improving Highsec and the game as a whole, as well as having a blast exploding people on the internet and making fun of folks who take it too seriously.

Why do you feel the need to pigeon-hole the New Order into a single motivation? Is it just simpler that way? Easier for you to understand?

Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank
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Get out of my MMO!!!

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EVERYTHING is wrong with that FFS!

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Well, I hate to break this to you, but much as reals > feels, TOS also > feels.

And it isn’t against the TOS.

Neither is the other part of my quote, that you edited out to lend weight to your argument.


(Solstice Projekt) #157

The devil is in the details.

Anyone saying he is enjoying afk mining is actually enjoying whatever else he is doing while his ship is mining, combined with the fruits of his ship’s … uh … efforts. To be able to enjoy an activity, one has to actually pursue that activity. He has to actually do it. One can not enjoy an activity he is not actively doing.

This is not about semantics. People can de facto not enjoy an activity they are not doing. They can, at best, enjoy not doing something, but that is not what this is about. When people say they are enjoying afk mining, what they are actually saying is that they are enjoying the fruits of their afk mining combined with whatever else it is they are doing while their ship is mining.

… though i doubt that is what he is about, or at least it is only partly. He is completely right to believe that “everything is wrong” when people declare that they enjoy not actually playing a game. Anyone who is AFK is, by definition, not playing. His ship might be mining, but the player is doing whatever else he is doing. That does not actually speak for the game at all.

(Whitehound) #158

That’s only subjective. True, to play a game is better than not playing it. But for those who cannot play a game at times, because their attention needs to be elsewhere in their life can an AFK activity be the way for them to still be part of EVE. Some kids don’t get it, which is alright, but we are a larger community of all types of players. We don’t need to shut others out just because they don’t fit one’s personal preference or limited mindset.

Welcome back to the forum.

(Ima Wreckyou) #159

Which is already completely possible. There is only an issue if those people then demand to be completely secure and isolated while paying no attention.

And let’s be honest, even that is achievable easily by simply choosing the right ship.

(Solstice Projekt) #160


Would you be willing to help me and Pedro on a thing? He doesn’t know yet, because he’s not around currently, but the idea is to take screenshots of mining belts (with system name!) you come across, uploading them to imgur and linking them to me via eve mails. Credit will of course be given eventually.

You likely see many of them, so that’s why i ask.

(Ima Wreckyou) #161

Hey sure thing. I’m currently not playing a lot, but if I do I will take some screenshots. He already mentioned something about you two being up to something because we ran into eachother a couple weeks back :grinning:

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