Bumping Is nothing more than a protection racket

I lost a 600,000,000 isk ship while salvaging my wrecks at a rat site. This had nothing to do with mining or a so called code. it was a shake down “pay us money and we will leave you alone” If your going to do this spare me the code ■■■■ land be honest about It:" Hi we are eve MS-13 pay us protection money and maybe we will leave you alone

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yes… and? protection rackets are perfectly fine within eve, and have existed since damn near the very start. same as suicide ganking, can flipping, and all other types of HS piracy, ninja looting/salvaging used to be a very common career choice for beginners.
Code is doing the exact same thing that a hundred other groups like them have done before, they just slapped a coat of Roleplay on it, which, again, is perfectly fine.

you lost a ship because of the choices you made, either you didn’t pay enough attention to local/dscan, or you where in an area you shouldn’t have been, or, from the sounds of it, you refused to pay the ransom that was offered. (or if you did pay the ransom, you trusted them enough to honor it) in all cases, the mistake was on your part, not theirs. they where simply playing the game.


Fozzy promised a solution for never ending bumping years ago, but i guess enough people were against it. It’s my favourite change, that never came. Look at 51:42.

Hi sunfkar Kurova - How did you lose you ship and how is bumping involved? You did not elaborate in your post. Could you please give more details?


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But you didn’t buy a permit. So they were honest about it. It was a shakedown indeed, and you decided not to pay and so the extortionists exploded you. That’s how a protection racket is suppose to work.

So I don’t get what this thread is about? You just don’t like the roleplay overtones of the Code itself?


sunfkar Kurvora

CODE aren’t role-players, and their objectives are not what they state at minerbumping.com. “The Code” means northing.

CODE is a bunch of highSec extortionists with a weird taste in irony (or they may have “EVE-disease” and believe their own lies).

Either way: In EVE, never trust anyone ever


OP did you have to sing?


Welcome to EvE. You should buy a mining permit. Gives you all the protection you need for a mere 10M. You cann approach any CODE. agent for a permit. You could also send it to me and I will do the admin work for you.


Welcome to eve mate. Players are allowed to scam and extort other players as long as they do so within the game.

All space is dangerous space. So be ready for anything at any time.

At least they give you an option to buy a way out. They didn’t have to do that and could just blow you up anyways.


Killing and robbing people while claiming to be saviours sounds like a religion to me; which makes their role-play appropriate.


Worst part is, you don’t need a 600m idk ship to do salvage


EVE is a tough game. Hard to learn, even harder to master.
Learn from your losses. Adapt or die is the premise.

Fit a prop mod. Mwd or Afterburner. Add code with -10 standing and watch the local chat for them. Don’t afk in space.

Fit some nice implants and when you’re in structure and your ship is about to pop, spam warp to a citadel or station to dock up and your pod will be uncatchable.

But be aware of the engagement timer. It could stop you from docking.
Fly safe.

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So what are their objectives in your opinion?

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My guess is: Have fun and make some isk. Like the rest of us.:sunglasses:


Next time ungroup your weapons and target each ganking ship. When they open fire shoot at each one so you get some solo killmails :smiley:

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That’s what T1 frigates and destroyers are for, hell you can afk salvage all day long and if it explodes you just buy another.


Who cares?

Their behavior is all I’m interested in.

You made the claim that their objectives differ from the public image portrayed over at minerbumping; now you’re refusing to expand upon that claim when asked how their objectives differ from those portrayed.

Sidestepping and deflection of questions seems to be a common thing with you; have you considered a career in politics?


Okay this is what happened I was returning from a level IV mission in my Navy issue Raven I saw on my scanner there was saw drone cluster in my area so I decide to go after it. After I killed all the rats I start salvaging my Wrckes. About 10 ships warped in the around me turned on her work scramblers and proceeded to destroy me. They did not give me a warning or open the conversation demanding I buy a mining permit from them. They said we destroyed my ship and send me an email later saying by a permit at 10 million isk I would happily bought it as a part of doing business. In all due respect to Tyrson I was performing legal with nothing to do with mining. Two days later while performing salvaging another group worked in top of me kill me and when asked about it all he said was one gank. And Mr. Tyrson I was somewhere I was allowed to be performing activity that was legal. I know you call this whining when I’m not part of a player Corporation or have billions upon billions of credits available for me.

How exactly is my fault for not buying a permit when I’m engaged in legal activity they show up and just kill me without any warning and the only time they even contacted me was after the gank then asked me to buy a permit. Also I got hit by another group no warning no ransom they just killed my ship and the only message I got from was and I quote one gank. All the permits in the world when I stop that.Let me also add I really didn’t see anything on their website concerning salvaging