Hey, so I saw all this commotion about bumping. I was curious why theres a movement to get CCP involved over this? I feel like there are plenty of solutions:

  1. Move into Null and get the protection of an alliance
  2. Move into Low and gain good standing with lowsec pirates who likewise can protect you.
  3. Offer 10 mill for every Safety Machariel Killmail in your preferred systems, 20 mill if its in the belt you’re in. Encourage wars against them etc?
  4. Ignore them, after all, you dont actually need 10 hulks on field, one is more than enough.

Im new though so, I might be wrong about this. Just remember, Gankers are like the chaff, inside they’re hurting because they know they’ll never be able to compete with the folks who press buttons when told, so that someone else can actually play the game of fleets ;).

Could someone enlighten me as to the reason these options are not viable?

Sorry, what is it you think bumping is?

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A muppet flying about ramming the bow of their ship into a miner or their booster like a crazed roman trireme to push them out of range of some activity. You cant stop them because hey, shoot them and Conchord gets you. So they end up spending 2 hours bumping you around pretending they’re not enjoying watching you mine rocks.

Its my theory they love watching 10 hulks mine rocks, so have come up with this as an excuse to not look like a carebear, when inside, they really are.

No, you cant do it for more than 3 minutes now.


Huh? Is that a rule or hard coded?

As in the target will not be prevented from warping off after that time

Right but if you’re bumping hulks/orcas, you’re not doing it for them to switch belt. Its easy enough to just follow them, so their “alternative” is to just dock up. Hence the solutions were really just thoughts I had on dealing with a numpty doing it to you repeatedly that were proactive steps an individual could take and was curious as to why they are not viable? Wanting the proverbial government of the game to get involved over it, would imply there is 0 that can be done and therefore it needs regulation right?

Which if it continues is reportable as harrassment.

This all already has prescedent and rulings.

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“Similarly, the act of bumping itself, even if it is frequent or targeted, is not considered to be harassing behavior.”

I didnt say the bumping was, the following them around being disruptive without profit is.


I presume profit in this context refers to ISK or something resembling ISK and not more esoteric modes of profit?

RP is often allowed if done well.

Theres a recognised difference between just bumping with no reason given and an announced motive like rival miners, or lack of a permit.

The Mining Permit schtick came about because of this ruling iirc

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It sounds like you’re advocating for a case by case model which oftentimes ends up with arbitrary rulings. Its either allowed or not right? Surely there has to be clarification regarding “without profit” because you’ve included here RP but precluded Entertainment/Enjoyment. Folks frequently part with items of perceived value to attain both and you’d be hard pressed to find an individual who considers this a “loss” or anything but a financial transaction which resulted an enrichment to their life and therefore profit.

I think if you want a clearer ruling youd need to ask a GM.

Its as clear as it needs to be from my perspective as a hauler

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Ganking and bumping, even if targeted and frequent, are not considered to be griefing or harrasment by CCP at this time…


There are in-game tactics against bumping. There are mining ships and mining boost ships that are extremely hard to bump. The Orca is an insanely versatile and strong ship, and it’s downside is that it is slow and susceptible to bumps. Hulks have a very high yield and are squishy af to balance that.

You could for example use a Porpoise for boosting and Procurers/Skiffs for mining. Fit them with propulsion mods an have them orbit the asteroids. This makes it not impossible to bump you, but if done right, extremely hard.

I would recommend for the future, instead of just coming to the forum and asking for changes to the game, why don’t you ask for advice on how to play it.


Fit an Orca with a Higgs Rig, armor plates, and an active industrial core, and it isn’t going anywhere…


Like Adrian wrote in his own thread, make bookmarks 151 km off your boosting location and warp back…
Q: what is most likely to drive you away from EvE Online
A: a Kindergarten mentality


This thread might have been relevant (alongside the many other bumping threads) in 2019 and before, but a bit of a nothing issue now.

Players like to whine about bumping because they refuse to do any of the things that can counter it. Fit your ships for maximum mass, use an AB or MWD and orbit the asteroid, make bookmarks to warp to, etc…

No, they are only interested in maximum yield AFK fits…

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